Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 CAST Awards Announced

The Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto (CAST), of which I am a part of, has complied their list of Top 25 films of 2010. Created by James McNally of Toronto Screen Shots, the group is made up of Toronto movie bloggers and cinephiles. Each member submitted a list of the Top 25 films they saw on a theatre screen somewhere in Toronto in 2010. This included films screened at various film festivals that may still not have received wide distribution. 224 films were nominated and the final ballot was eventually was cut down to a 100 films. The Top 25 films for the inaugural CAST awards, as well as a full introduction to the CAST awards can be found on the Toronto Screen Shots website.


  1. I imagine I have to see 'Rabbit Hole', for which I have read very differing opinions. It's either big actors trying to be very indie (which, if one chooses to believe common perception, which I don't, they CLEARLY CANNOT DO) or it's an acting clinic.

  2. @Edgar - Rabbit Hole is on my list of films to see. I talked to a guy at TIFF this year who really enjoyed the film. I have faith in Kidman, she has pulled off the smaller films before (e.g. Flirting, Birth, To Die For, The Hours, etc.)


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