Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Films to Look for in 2011

10 Films to Look for in 2011

While reflecting on all the films I saw in 2010, I came across several good films that still have not received wide distribution in North America. Here are ten films that you should keep an eye out for in theatres, or on DVD, in the 2011.

10) Crikus Columbia – After fleeing his country many years earlier due to communist rule, a man returns home with his new girlfriend and a fancy new German car. Needless to say, this does not sit well the man’s wife or his son who have been waiting patiently for his return.

9) Machete Maidens Unleashed – This humorous documentary explores how the likes of Roger Corman and other B-Movie/exploitation genre directors made some of their most outrageous movies in the cheap, but politically turbulent, Philippines. (Full review coming soon)

8) I Saw the Devil - Sure revenge flicks are becoming all too common in Korean cinema. Still, that should not stop you from seeing this bloody good film…and I do mean bloody.

7) Even the Rain – Gael García Bernal stars as a director who is determined to finish his film despite the unstable political climate of Cochabana, Bolivia. (Full review coming soon)

6) The Mountain Thief – A fictionalized story that documents a way of life that is all too real in the Philippines.

5) The High Cost of Living – Picture the love story from The Town but done ten times better. Zach Braff plays a drug dealer who falls for the pregnant woman he knocks down in a hit and run accident. (Full review coming soon)

4) Super – Let the debate begin over which average Joe superhero tale is better! For the record, I enjoyed this one far more than I did Kick-Ass.

3) Balada Triste de Trompeta (The Last Circus) – What happens when you take Tim Burton’s aesthetics and mix them with Quentin Tarantino’s flair for violence? The answer is this entertaining, and extremely dark, comedy about two competing clowns in love with the same woman. (Full review coming soon)

2) Rubber – Easily the best, and most bizarre, festival going experience I had in 2010. Who would have thought that a story about a killer tire could be such a smart commentary on the state of Hollywood movies and their audiences?

1) Beautiful Boy – Michael Sheen and Maria Bello are outstanding as a couple who must come to terms with their son committing a mass school shooting, and then taking his own life. Look for both Sheen and Bello to be in the mix at next winter’s award race.


  1. Considering I despised Kick-Ass my money is leaning towards Super. Thanks for the interesting heads up.

  2. @Mike - Super is slightly more realistic than Kick-Ass. I found that Kick-Ass was too concerned with pushing the envelope at times and the story suffered in the end.


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