Monday, November 22, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday

Your Highness

If Dungeons and Dragons had a baby with Robin Hood: Men in Tights the result would be this film.

Source Code

What would you do if you only had 8 minutes to live?


  1. Hi CS.

    I've seen both trailers and actually like them. Source Code looks pretty good. I'm often mixed on Jake Gyllenhaal though this seems more like a role that would show his strengths.

    Then there's Your Highness and THAT I want to see more than anything. I'm a big fan of David Gordon Green. This trailer cracked me up and it didn't play to the fact that it's not taking itself seriously. This will be in my top 5 most anticipated films of 2011.

  2. Source Code might look interesting. I know the script is highly acclaimed but the trailer is a bit lacking. Why would he attempt to save the girl and not just save everyone?? lol

  3. @thevoid99 - While not in my top 5 per say, Your Highness looks like it should be a fun romp. I am a little worried about Danny McBride though. I find he is best in small doses.

    @Castor - During the Source Code trailer I kept thinking that, with all their technology, there must be an easier way to catch a criminal than this.

  4. The trailers certainly make me want to see these


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