Monday, October 18, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine was my favourite film at this year’s TIFF. Look for my review of the film to be posted within the next week or so.

Drive Angry 3D

Nicolas Cage going over-the-top once again...just the way we like him. Hopefully Drive Angry 3D will be much better than both the awful Gone in Sixty Seconds and the horrendous Ghost Rider.


  1. I really like the look of Drive Angry! I agree, I love Cage in these type of roles

  2. @Dempsey - Cage can be very hit or miss depending on the role. Though Drive Angry looks like it will be pure fun to watch.

  3. I really liked that trailer for Blue Valentine though I'm baffled into why it got a NC-17 rating.

    The song Ryan Gosling sings is beautiful.

  4. CS- Since you've seen it, do you think Blue Valentine deserved the NC-17 rating?

  5. @thevoid99 – I really enjoyed that scene where Ryan Gosling was singing the song, it was a nice glimpse into the more tender times the couple had.

    @Mike - I was shocked to hear Blue Valentine got an NC-17 rating...absolutely shocked. Considering some of the other stuff I saw at TIFF (I Saw the Devil, Balade Triste, Super, etc.), Blue Valentine does not deserve that rating at all. I can understand an R rating (although even that is a bit much if you look at what films like Predators, and Splice got away with) but an NC-17 is just silly. Once again Hollywood shows how messed up their “values” are. You can show senseless violence but anything with nudity or drug use (that does not end in excessive violence) is deemed too risqué for mainstream audiences.


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