Thursday, August 12, 2010

Versatility Provides More Time For Procrastination

I was planning to do a review today but there is a bit of housekeeping that I have being meaning to take care of for sometime now. A little over a month ago Yojimbo at Let’s Not Talk About Movies selected me as one of the recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award. The award was given for my contributions to both this blog and The LAMB. At the time of Yojimbo’s post I was busy trying to prepare to go on vacation. I informed Yojimbo that I would “pay if forward” when I returned and now, although long overdue, is the time to stay true to my word.

For those who have not come across this award before, the Versatile Blogger Award is an acknowledgment that a blogger give to other blog writers as a sign of appreciation for all their hard work. If you happen to follow several movie blogs then you will be familiar with this award as many have received this honour at some point. Still, do not confuse this with one of those participation ribbons you get in Elementary School. You know, the one where you get a prize just for showing up to events day. As much as blogging is an individual venture for many, it is always nice to be recognized by your peers. Regardless of whether you have one reader or hundreds it is good to know someone is interested in your thoughts.

As with all awards there are stipulations attached to receiving it:

Thank the person who gave you this award

Thanks again to Yojimbo of Lets Not Talk About Movies for considering me as one of his recipients for this. My apologies for the really late follow-up but I opted to take your advice and “pay it forward” when I had something meaningful to say. Instead of just rushing to get something posted for the sake of posting.

Share 7 things about yourself

1. Ketchup Chips are my kryptonite
2. I considered it classy to show up to a Japanese film festival wearing a Beverly Hills Cop t-shirt…classy!
3. I have an unhealthy obsession with fantasy sports pools, especially hockey ones.
4. Some kids collect stamps, cards, etc. When I was younger I collected Toronto Star film reviews…weird, I know.
5. I am 100% certain that The Toronto Blue Jays, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Raptors, and Miami Dolphins will all win championships within the next four years (either in real life or video game format)
6. I have seen more action movies starring Tae-bo guru Billy Blanks, and Jalal Merhi than I care to admit.
7. Everything in life can be linked back to either an episode of The Simpsons or Seinfeld.

Pass the award along to 10 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reasons!

Instead of following the rules completely I would like to use this forum to say thank you to a few fellow blog sites. While there are a slew of great blogs that I follow, or have recently discovered, I wanted to keep the list specific to eight blogs that have influenced my blogging experience greatly up to this point. (Note: these are not in any particular order)

Movie Mobsters: Heather and her team of movie loving writers offer up a wide a range of movie content to a very interactive readership on a daily basis. In short, this is my ideal vision for what I would like Big Thoughts From A Small Mind to evolve into one day. It has been the goal since day will happen eventually. I have always been a fan of the way newspapers, and many influential movie sites, work with a core team of movie reviewers. It not only allows for more insight into a film, but it also provides the reader with more than one perspective to choose from.

The Dark of the Matinee: I have had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Mad Hatter - when you win that many Lammy Awards you get the “infamous” attached to your name - in person at the Toronto Movie Bloggers Pub Night (which he invited me to). From The Dark of the Matinee I learned that blogging is not just about your own thoughts, it is really a community thing. I think Hatter is one example of how to foster the group aspect of movie blogging. He is constantly promoting other blogs while still finding time to deliver detailed criticisms in his reviews and podcasts on a daily basis.

The LAMB: Continuing the embracing of community point from above, it is only fitting that I list The LAMB in this post. Created by Fletch, the man behind the equally community inducing Blog Cabins, The LAMB has helped me to discover tons of fantastic blogs. Sites that motivated me to keep this crazy little movie space going. From The LAMB I have learned that helping others get their blogs noticed is often more rewarding than doing my on blog.

You Talking To Me?: Mike Lippert brings the perfect blend of honesty and intelligence to the world of movie criticism. Mike’s posts always reaffirm my belief that a blogger should never be afraid to state his/her opinion. The thing I have taken from You Talking To Me? is that it is better to be honest than to follow the crowd. This is why I have no fear in stating my opinions on particular films, directors, actors, etc. regardless of whether it goes against popular opinion. I am always open about what I have, and have not seen, no matter how embarrassing some may deem it.

Encore’s World of Film & T.V.: I am always amazed by bloggers who are able to post substantial content everyday on their sites. Regardless of the subject matter, Andrew always offers up slew of content. Encore's World of Film & T.V. has taught me that the best way to build readership is to provide engaging content on a daily basis.

Between the Seats: Edgar’s blog has probably had the biggest influence on my blogging experience. It was the one I read the most when this blog was moving from music to more film related content. I have always liked the way he mixes his reviews of foreign fare with his big budget productions. Plus, it was in one of Edgar’s post that sparked the idea of doing the LAMB Acting School series over at The LAMB. Many assume the idea came as a result of the pre-existing LAMBs in the Director’s Chair feature, but that was only part of it. Between the Seats is the one who laid down the inception for the Acting School so to speak.

Movies Kick Ass: This is another one of the blogs I found myself drawn to for its mix of independent and studio content. Although we do not always see eye to eye on certain films, Jose always finds a way to make me look at a film in a different light. Movies Kick Ass has taught me that even if your readers disagree with you; it is important that they understand, and respect, how you arrived at your opinion.

Anomalous Material: Whether it is providing reviews, how to tips for bloggers, or conducting tournaments, Anomalous Material is always thinking on a large scale. It is all about the content on this site, and there is much of it to choose from. Chances are you will come across something that peaks your interest regardless of your personal movie taste. Heck, even I have picked up a few useful tips from the sites current month long blogging tutorial.

Four of Them: This site constantly makes me laugh. Simple as that. It is the witty, and at times quirky, humour that makes Four of Them’s reviews and post such a delightful read. Four of Them serves as a frequent reminder that film blogging does not have to be serious stuff all the time. If you are not having fun doing it then what is the point?

Contact the blogs you picked and let them know about the award.

Will do!


  1. Aw, thanks, man! You be awesome too.

  2. @Simon - My pleasure. Keep up the great work.

  3. Wow, I That's really high praise there. I'm very humbled by your comments.

    I'm not sure I follow you when you say that my blog gave birth to one The Lamb's blogger community events, but I'll take the praise anyways!

  4. Thanks for the tag! 4 is awesome, it sort of augured the existence of this blog!

  5. @edgar – I was reading a post you did about your contributing a best of/worst of article on John Travolta for another site…The Reelist I think. Anyways, I had just completed my first Pitch the LAMB feature and the turnout was not existent. I knew I wanted to continue with Pitch the LAMB but I also wanted do something else until that feature took off. After reading you post, I thought “that is a really good concept, I wonder if something similar could work for The LAMB.” I spent the whole weekend formulating how I would run it (I even incorporated a few points from the Director’s Chair series), and pitched the idea to Fletch. Thus the LAMB Acting School 101 was born.

    @Castor - Regarding #4, I kept those binders of reviews for quite a long time actually. You are right though, it did serves as the building blocks for this blog.

  6. @CS:holy shit...That's sweet.

    The funny thing is that column never really took off at The Reelits. The Travolta one was published, but I sent in one for Benicio del Toro and another for Timothy Oliphant but neither was quite up to par with what The Reelists were looking for. 'Creative differences', as they say, had me let go of that project. I still get along terrifically with the guy who hosts that though.

  7. @edgar - Sorry to hear about the creative differences with that site. If you ever come up with anymore ideas you should try contacting Dylan/Flecth at The LAMB. He is always looking for people who want to contribute and help The LAMB grow.


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