Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TADFF Review: RoboGeisha


Noboru Iguchi’s RoboGeshia focuses on two sisters whose feud is played out to epic proportions. Yoshie (Aya Kiguchi) has always look up to her older sister, Kikue (Hitomi Hasebe), with loving affection. The same cannot be said for Kikue, a beautiful Geisha who wishes that life had brought her a different baby sister. When a young wealthy industrialist, Hikaru Kageno (Takumi Saitô), takes an interest in Yoshie, the tension between the sisters intensifies. Neither sister knows what dangers await them in Kageno’s factory. Hikaru Kageno is quietly building an army of robot geishas to take over the world.

Rarely has sibling rivalry been taken to such over-the-top extremes. If you are looking for a gripping story with a coherent plot, let me take this opportunity to remind you that the film is called RoboGeisha! This is film is by no means a good, from a plot point of view, but you will have a great time watching it. RoboGeisha is one of those films that you need to see with a group of people, preferably with a few beers in hand. RoboGeisha has so many hilarious, and often head-scratching moments, that all you can do is sit back and watch the madness unfold. Characters will often state the obvious to situartions where no verbalization is really need. For example, a man may yell: ”I have been cut in by a hand” right after...you guessed it...being sliced by RoboGeisha’s hand.

RoboGeisha is the type of film where a person can fire off eighty rounds from a gun and still not hit their target. Everything in the film is gleefully outrages. Weapons are stored in the most unorthodox places. Chances are good you will have never seen a film that incorporates the 80’s “robot” style of dance into a fight scene. Nor will you have viewed a film where characters have an “ass sword fight.” RoboGeisha is B-movie absurdity at its finest. Again, RoboGeisha will not play well if you view it alone; this is the type of film that you really need an audience to share in the outlandishness of it all.

Grade: C+

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