Monday, August 02, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday

Every weekend should be a long weekend...just saying. It is a holiday today and I plan to spend it with family. So please excuse me for posting another day of trailers.

Let Me In
I absolutely loved Let the Right One In and was shocked that Hollywood was making a remake so soon. I must say, it looks like Let Me In aims to be very faithful to the original film. Of course this begs the question, why even bother to remake it in the first place? ...oh, I forgot, some people do not like reading subtitles.

The Debt
A lot of people are buzzing about Helen Mirren’s other big film this fall, Reds, but this is the one I am most intrigued by.


  1. I simply adore LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and am by no means a big fan of remakes.

    But is it okay if I play devil's advocate for a minute?

    Hollywood remakes of foreign movies bring the original director a lot of money. Which is good, because he can make more movies.

    They also bring the original director a LOT of recognition. Viewers of the remakes do sometimes go back and check out the original.

    To my shame, for instance, I didn't get round to watching [REC] until I'd checked out Quarantine.

    I still don't like remakes though!

    And why they dared remake THE LADYKILLERS is beyond me. That remake irritates and disgusts me mightily :)

  2. @Madgestic - I understand that Hollywood is bringing attention to the original director's work, which is a good thing. Yet part of me wonders why studios do not but more effort into buy the North American rights oppose to remaking the film altogether. I can understand if they opted to remake weaker foreign films (i.e. Ringu) but the good ones? Also, I find that more often then not the Hollywood remake is rarely as good as the original.
    The last remake I can remember really enjoying was The Departed. I thought Scorsese did a far better job than he got credit for.

  3. The trailer for The Debt seems interesting. Especially since I want to get a glimpse of Jessica Chastain who is also in Terrence Malick's upcoming Tree of Life just to see if she lives up to the hype.

    The trailer for Let Me In doesn't seem exciting and I love Let the Right One In (and I'm currently awaiting for a proper DVD release of that film. I'm also not a fan of remakes unless something can be done differently.

  4. @thevoid99 – I am not too familiar with Jessica Chastain myself but if Terrence Malick see something in here than she must have some good acting chops. I just hope Tree of Life moves a bit quicker than A Thin Red Line did.


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