Monday, August 09, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday


A small town girl gets wooed by the glitz and glamour of performing on stage while wearing next to nothing. Yep, I instantly thought of the film Showgirls when I read the premise. Burlesque, like the dance itself, is aiming for a classier production than Showgirls’ stripper fare. After seeing the trailer though, the film feels more like a bigger budget Coyote Ugly than it is does Cabaret.

Jackass 3D

When the boys from Jackass are incorporating the 3D technology you know it is time for the whole 3D movement to call it quits. I hope you like your vomit in 3D...


  1. Damn you, Burlesque. Damn you to hell!

    It's a shame I'm gonna see this either way.

  2. @Simon - I think I will hold off on Burlesque until I see a few more trailers. Right now it is sitting in the rental category for me.

  3. Rather frustratingly, I associate burlesque with the old-school 1930s sleazy glamour of CABARET. Sadly, Hollywood's crushed my tasselled dreams under its giant sequinned heel.

    Like Simon said: Damn you, Burlesque! Damn you to hell!

    *shakes fist*

    *but admits will probably see it anyway*

  4. @Madgestic – Cabaret is such a classic that any attempt to do something similar is almost doomed to fail. I think Burlesque would have needed to do something really daring, like Moulin Rouge did, to truly make its mark. Who knows, the film could turn out to be fantastic.

  5. The Jackass 3D trailer is a hoot. I doubt I will see it but it does deliver what it intends to do.

    Burlesque on the other hand, well... no thanks.

    Plus, I hate Cam Gigadent. He's a terrible actor.

  6. @thevoid99 - Cam Gigadent is still an unknown to me. The only thing I have seen him in was Twilight and he did not leave a lasting impression at all.

  7. The other films, aside from Twilight (total shit) I've saw him in are Never Back Down (shit film) and The Unborn (crap as well).

    Believe me, he is awful.

  8. @thevoid99 - According to IMDB, he has a slew of movies coming down the pipe. So you will be seeing him around for one more year at least.

  9. @ Simon - LOL, so true. No matter how lame it'll be, if it's a musical with Christina and Cher I'm gonna watch it. I bet the producers know it too. That's why they don't spend too much time on the script... anyway, I thought it was actually great fun and had some good songs and good dancing. So go see it! :)


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