Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lip Reading Is Music To Deaf Ears

If I Knew What You Said

Nina (Zoe Sandejas) is the lead singer of a rock band but cannot seem to keep out of trouble. Facing expulsion from school, Nina has no choice but to attend an experimental camp that combines hearing impaired students with regular students. It is at the camp where Nina meets Kiko (Romalito Mallari), a deaf student with a passion for dance. Despite the emotional baggage they both are carrying a genuine friendship is formed between Nina and Kiko. Unfortunately their bond will be put to the test as their individual lives start to spiral out of control.

At first glance Mike Sandejas’ film looks like it might be just another “after school special”-style film about acceptance. Yet as the film progresses you realize that there is much more going on than you initially expected. Sandejas creates realistic and well-rounded characters in Nina and Kiko. Zoe Sandejas and Romalito Mallari provide strong enough performances to make their characters believable.

If I Knew What You Said does tug at your heart a few times but it never goes overboard. There are rarely any moments in the film that feel false or forced. Granted the film wraps up a little too sweet for my liking, but really that was a minor complaint as the rest of the film had me hooked far more than I ever expected it would.

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