Friday, July 30, 2010

Toronto is a Bloody Good Time After Dark

Although TIFF (aka. The Toronto International Film Festival) offered a glimpse into some of the big films they will be showing this September, I would like to highlight another festival announcement that came out this week. The Toronto After Dark Film Festival unveiled its full lineup of cult-tastic films yesterday. Running from August 13 -20, Toronto After Dark features a wide array of over-the-top comedies, blood curdling horror, genre mashing science fiction and all things in between. I recently became aware of the festival thanks to James at Toronto Screen Shots and Bob of Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind. While at this month's Toronto Bloggers Pub Night, they were both sharing their experiences at the last year’s festival. I was officially sold on the idea of checking it out this year once I heard a few simple words: “they screened Black Dynamite last year!” That was all I needed to hear to grasp what type of films the festival would be showing. After scanning the complete list of films, this year’s festival seems to be even crazier than I could have ever anticipated. If descriptions like “Killer Tire Horror”, “Cult Stoner Comedy (staring Adrian Brody)”, “Brutal Roman Action”, do not scream cult goodness then maybe some of the following trailers below will get your cult juices going:

Please note some of the following trailers contain strong language and graphic violence.

High School





Human Centipede

The full list of Toronto After Dark films, and ticket info, can be found on the festival's website.


  1. Lucky you! I guess that's one of things that make Toronto such an awesome city.

  2. @Castor - The diverse film options in Toronto is a real benefit. Though we often take it for granted.


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