Monday, July 05, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday

The Social Network

A simple, and effective, trailer for a movie that focuses on the rise of social networking sites like Facebook. David Fincher is directing this one so it will be much more than a mere "tv movie of the week" type of film.

The Green Hornet

Okay, I rolled my eyes a bit when I saw that this movie was going to be in 3D. Regardless, I really like the casting here. Tom Wilkinson and Christoph Waltz are strong actors; and Jay Chou seems like a good choice for Kato. Plus it looks like the film captures the fun spirit of the old show. The only thing that worries me is that The Green Hornet comes out in January (i.e. studio dumping month).


  1. Both trailers look promising yet it's The Social Network I'm far more excited about. Even as it's going to involve the music of Trent Reznor.

    If you're aware of his soundtrack work on films like Natural Born Killers and Lost Highway plus some of the music he made on his NIN albums like Still and Ghosts I-IV. Surely, it's going to be brilliant. Reznor doesn't half-ass when it comes to these things.

    I like what The Green Hornet is setting out to do though I'm not happy it's being pushed to 2011.

  2. @thevoid99 - I had forgotten that Reznor worked on both those films. I was not a fan of Lost Highway but I loved the use of music in that film.

  3. I'm excited about The Social Network, if only because I love the Sorkin - but is it just me, or is that the lamest trailer of all time? Is not interesting at all!

  4. @The Kid In The Front Row - I think the trailer does a good job of teasing you just enough to peak inquiries for more info. I like the various words used in the trailer, it perfectly shows the divide people have surrounding both the invention/use of social networks and the guy who help create them.


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