Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moore Acting Roles Needed In Order To Afford School Fees

Just a quick post today as I need to do some prep work for a function I am attending tomorrow. As some of you already know, I occasionally do two features for The LAMB. One of them is the LAMB Acting School 101 in which a different actor or actress is highlighted each month. Basically it is a way for people to see what bloggers think about a particular actor's/actress' canon of work. Plus the LAMB Acting School 101 also offers bloggers a free forum to promote their blogs as well.  Next week the feature will be focusing on the works of Julianne Moore! So if you are a blogger, or know of a blogger, who has written a review, posted a commentary, recorded a podcast about Julianne Moore (or her films) be sure to forward it along to the email address below.

Here are the type of things I am looking for:
  • Articles on her best performances
  • Articles on her worst performances
  • General thoughts on the actress
  • Reviews of the films she has starred in

Send the link of the blog post to Please note that multiple submissions are encouraged. The deadline for submissions is Monday August 2, 2010.

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