Friday, July 09, 2010

Fricassee Five Friday: Julianne Moore

Spiced Just Right

Far From Heaven
While the film may be a nod to classic films from yesteryear, Moore’s performance was by no means an imitation. Her fresh, and heartbreaking, approach transcended the film into something truly magical.

Boogie Nights
As Amber Waves, Julianne Moore proved that not all of P.T. Anderson’s characters have daddy issues. Sometimes mothers get in on the dysfunctional family act as well.

Short Cuts may have been the film that helped usher Moore to a wider film loving audience, but Safe is the film that solidified her as a legitimate actress. Of all the damaged characters Moore has played this one ranks as one her best.

A Single Man
I wrote a review on this film earlier in the week so I will not dwell on it too much. Julianne Moore is only in the film for a brief time but it is memorable nonetheless.

The Big Lebowski
This is another film where Moore made a strong impact in a small role. There were so many great films featuring Julianne Moore that could have made this list. Yet The Big Lebowski earns a spot simply for the fact that Moore somehow managed to standout in a film that featured: a pot smoking hero, nihilist, a hairnet wearing bowler name Jesus, a severed toe, and a musical number. Quite a feat if you ask me. Plus who does not love The Big Lebowski?

Lay Off the Cheese

Julianne Moore had the tough task of trying to fill the shoes that Jodie Foster had made so memorable. Personally I thought Moore did a good job in the film, it is just too bad that the rest of the movie was so awful. Frankly, Manhunter and Silence of the Lambs is more than enough Hannibal Lecter to last a lifetime

Nine Months
What is wrong with a comedy about pregnancy and relationships starring Hugh Grant, Robin Williams, and Julianne Moore? Let’s start with the most serious offense, it was not that funny. There is a fine line between comedy and silly, Nine Months was just silly. Comedy works best when you do not foresee the punchline coming, the movie is the exact opposite of this logic. Every gag felt forced.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park
A young girl used gymnastics to kick a Raptor out the window…a Raptor!! There are many reason why I dislike this film, but I simply do not have the hours to go through all of them. By time the film turned into King Kong I had lost all interest.

Sometime you stick with a film hoping that the payoff will be worth it; only to find out that you have been kicked in the groin at the end. Next is one of those groin-kicking movies. The movie is horrendous and the ending is a painful reminder that you just wasted two hours of your life that can never be replaced.

This film had to be a “money job.” In other words, something the actors agreed to do so that they could fund the smaller films that they truly want to make. That is the only way I can see Julianne Moore and Samuel L. Jackson justifying this awful movie. If you watch this movie closely, you will realize that every actor seems to be acting in a completely different movie. Julianne Moore’s performance, though extremely over-the-top, is the only one that really seems to fit the absurdity of Freedomland.


  1. Excellent actress. I have to agree with you about Next and Fredomland - terrible movies. Although, I am almost embarassed to say, I like Nine Months!

  2. @Dan - A lot of people found Nine Months enjoyable. I think it was the Robin Williams factor.


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