Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do You Double Your Pleasure?

Upon walking out of the theatre after seeing Inception I turned to my wife and said “I would definitely see that again in theaters!” It then dawned on me that despite seeing a fair number of films over the course of my life. There are only a handful of films that I have actually seen more than once in the theaters:

The Matrix - I remember seeing this with a friend while home from university one weekend. After being blown away by the special effects I could not stop thinking about the film. I ended up seeing it again a few days later with some of my university pals when I got back in town.

Magnolia – I saw this film as part of a double bill with the Talented Mr. Ripley over the Christmas holidays in 1999. It was only playing in one cinema in Toronto, The Paramount, at the time before it expanded wide a week or so later. After spending over 5 ½ hours in total in the theatre many were surprised that I would be willing to endure another 3 hours of Magnolia a mere week later. Yet that is exactly what I did, again with some university friends, once I returned to school. As I have mentioned before Magnolia is one of my all-time favourite movies so I would still see it again in the cinema if it is ever rereleased in the future.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones – I am not a big fan of this film, though I think it works if you eliminated all the love scenes. The film would only be a half an hour but I digress. The main reason that George Lucas was able to suck more money out of my pockets was because I wanted to see the differences between the digital projection of the film compared to the regular version that I originally watched.

Borat– Technically I have seen this film two and a half times in theaters. I originally saw this at the midnight madness screening at TIFF in which Sacha Baron Cohen was in attendance in full Borat character. Unfortunately the film projector broke down about twenty minutes into the film and the screening was rescheduled for the following night. After laughing to the point of tears, it was my first experience with Cohen’s brand of humour, I was eager to see if I would still find the film funny when it opened officially in theatres a few months later.

Will Inception be added to this list? Possibly.  It depends on how my schedule plays out over the next few weeks. But the question I have for you is...

What movie(s) have you seen more than once in the theater?


  1. The only movie I saw twice in theater was Transformers.

    Yes... I'm going to hide now :(

    But I plan on seeing Inception a second time in a week or so woohoo!

  2. @Castor - No shame in liking Transformers...Transformers 2 on the other hand is another story. :)

  3. Yes CS I agree, liking Transformers is ok, but Transformers 2 is the kind of movie that makes you want to pass judgement on people.

    I've only seen 2 movies twice in theaters. One was Wall-E (saw it once in theaters and once as part of a drive-in double bill) and Spider-Man 3 (once in theaters and once in IMAX while on vacation with my dad). I would see Inception again over at Queensway with the moving seats. It's cheaper than Imax.

  4. @Mike - Loved Wall-E but hated Spider Man 3. I would be interested in seeing Inception in Imax though. To date I have only seen two films in IMAX, neither of which were big summer blockbusters.

  5. I've seen Sky High in theatres twice, but that was because I was, like, ten, and first my parents took me, and then my grandparents when they came to visit and realized it was the only thing of suitable age for me to see that weekend.

  6. @Simon - I was pleasantly surprised by Sky High. Did not expect much going in but found it rather enjoyable for what it was.

  7. God, I saw movies twice in theaters more than I care to remember when I was a kid and my folks always picked up the tab. MATRIX was a three-timer, think I saw RELOADED twice too (probably just to understand what the hell The Architect was rambling about). Last one I probably saw twice was CASINO ROYALE, that was the bomb.

  8. @Aiden R - Cannot go wrong with The Matrix when the folks are picking up the tab. The only thing that stood out about Reloaded was the chase scene in the middle. The two sequels really hurt that franchise.

    I hear you on Casino Royal, it is in makes my top five when ranking all the Bond films.

  9. Thanks so much for the follow. Right backacha - I love your style and plan to read more!

    Um, for a self-confessed movie nerd, I've never seen a film twice in the theatre (UK spelling, natch).

    I have, however, enjoyed the illicit pleasure of going to a movie house and watching two films back to back... just for the pleasure of it. And the double helpings of popcorn of it.

    Sometimes there's nothing like a DIY double bill :)

  10. @Madgestic - I too enjoy catching films back to back. Though it has been quite a while since I last did so (e.g. Doubt and I've Loved You So Long)

  11. The only movies I have ever seen twice in the theater were Grease (yes, I'm old), The Empire Strikes Back, T2: Judgement Day, and Speed.

    Grease I went twice with family, who paid. I paid myself for The Empire Strikes Back, and I had very little spare cash as a teen at the time.

    T2 and Speed were when I had some disposable income AND cellphones and talkers were not prevalent in movie theaters. Both times I went again to see it with friends and see their reaction to it.

    I rarely see a movie even once in the theater now, because of the other people that show up. I strongly thought about seeing The Fellowship of the Ring a second time, but I didn't. I was briefly tempted with Kickass, but figured I could wait a few months for it to come to Blu-Ray.

    This is a good idea for a movie category.


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