Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whatever Happened To...?

Fairuza Balk

Today’s selection was suggested by Mike, of You Talking To Me?, in last week’s comment section. Naturally I jumped at the chance to highlight Ms. Balk as she always had a Gina Gershon-type vibe for me. That is to say I could see her playing the tough chick, as easily as I can see her pouring her heart out in a romantic lead. Fairuza is often remembered for her role in The Craft, yet she has been in far better films than that. While she has been stuck doing a lot of voice over work lately, as well as bit parts here and there, one can only hope that someone (I am looking at you Rebecca Miller) writes a script that will truly highlight Fariuza Balk’s talent.

Career Highlights: Valmont (1989); American History X (1998); Personal Velocity (2002); Gas, Food, Lodging (1992); The Craft (1996); Almost Famous (2000); The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

Low Points: The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996); American Perfekt (1997); Return to Oz (1985); The Waterboy (1998); Deuces Wild (2002)

Last Seen On The Big Screen: The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

Where You Will See Her Next?: In Thicker which also stars Guy Pearce and John Goodman


  1. I liked Return to Oz.

  2. @Simon - The film just did not do it for me. Heck I even liked The Wiz more than Retun to Oz

  3. One of the things I've always liked about Fairuza Balk is that she has such a unique look, and style, to herself that makes her both typical, and atypical, Hollywood at the same time. Very similar to Debi Mazar (who could probably also use a Whatever Happened to...).

  4. totally agree. always liked her and would love to see her more often, doing quality work. the last performance that i remember seeing (and liking) was in "don‘t come knocking". great film.

  5. Just watched The Wiz last night, weird. She had my favourite story from Personal Velocity not least because it was the least literary of the three if you know what I mean. The first two segments felt like they were being read to me, which is the risk of a writer adapting her own work, but the third one was where Miller actually got cinematic and Balk was great in it.

  6. @Univarn – I could easily see Fairuza having a career like Zooey Deschanel. Fairuza has the look that can be appealing for both mainstream audiences and the indie crowd. Also good call on Debi Mazar, I will surely add her to the” Whatever Happened To” list.

    @Miss Topanga – Never saw "Don’t Come Knocking", what was that film about?

    @Mike – I agree Balk’s segment was the standout. I thought the others were good but I see where you are coming from. Some writer/directors invest too much time ensuring the audience understands the importance of every single word that they write.


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