Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whatever Happened To...?

Mira Sorvino

It seems that Mira Sorvino’s name will always be linked with the dreaded “Oscar Curse.” The way I see it, if Marisa Tomei can shake of the shackles of the alleged curse than there is no reason why Sorvino cannot do the same. Sure Mira has been working steadily over the last few years but she is not getting the same caliber roles that she received in the early 90’s

Career Highlights: Mighty Aphrodite (1995); Barcelona (1994); The Grey Zone (2001); Blue in the Face (1995); Summer of Sam (1999); Quiz Show (1994); Beautiful Girls (1996); Mimic (1997);

Low Points: At First Sight (1999); The Final Cut (2004); The Replacement Killers (1998); Free Money (1998); Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (1997);

Last Seen On The Big Screen: Reservation Road (2007)

Where You Will See Her Again: Multiple Sarcasms with Timothy Hutton; and Waska with Jeremy Piven


  1. I think Mira Sorvino is a very good actress. I think the problem is that she got hit with the Oscar curse either due to poor choices she made or the roles Hollywood felt she should be given. There's a few exception like Romy & Michelle and Marilyn & Norma Jean but she didn't get a chance to really prove herself.

    I kind of blame the industry. It could be worse. At least she isn't Cuba Gooding Jr.

  2. @thevoid99 - Poor choices surely played a role in things. I really liked her in Marilyn & Norma Jean though.

    As for Cuba, he will be appearing in this section soon enough.

  3. I'd actually put Replacement Killers as one of her high points. They sure don't make action films like that anymore and can anoyone in America direct a shoot-out like Fuqua? Very few.

    Based on my couple of posts regarding Return to Oz it was brought up about how Faruza Balk or however you spell it was Dorothy and how I though she'd be a good candidate for you, or was she never prolific enough in the first place? Just a suggestion.

  4. @Mike - I found that Fuqua was trying too hard to copy John Woo's style, instead of really providing his own unique spin. Which is why the Replacement Killers did not work for me.

    Fairuza Balk is a great selection for this section. I will use her next week. The actors by no means need to be prolific to make this section. Heck, I have even toyed with the idea of doing one on Billy Blanks (as I watched a lot of his B-movie action flicks when I was younger).

  5. Good post, man. Where the DID she go? I like Mira. I want her back!

  6. @Aiden - I have a belief that all any actor needs is one good role (e.g. Halle Barry in Monster's Ball) to send them soaring back to the respectable list again.


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