Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Whatever Happened To?

Thora Birch

The fact that Mena Suvari ended up having the better post American Beauty career ahead of Wes Bentley and Thora Birch is shocking. I have nothing against Suvari personally, I just cannot fathom why Thora Birch is not a bigger name right now. She was consistently good as a child actor and now is the point where her career should really be taking off. Clearly Birch has been a good luck charm for many actors/actresses whom have worked with her. Keira Knightly, Elijah Wood, Scarlett Johannson, Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffman, and Mena Suvari have all had decent careers since working with Thora. It would be great to see Ms. Birch doing some quality indie films again.  Maybe even a few big budget projects sprinkled in as well. 

Career Highlights: Ghost World (2001); American Beauty (1999); Clear and Present Danger (1994);Paradise (1991); Patriot Games (1992); Silver City (2004); Alaska (1996)

Low Points: The Hole (2001); Dungeons and Dragons (2000); Now and Then (1995); Hocus Pocus (1993); Monkey Trouble (1994)

Last Seen On The Big Screen: Silver City (2004)

Where You Will See Her Again: Crossmaglen with Claire Forlani


  1. I liked The Hole.

    She's going to be in the new Bonnie and Clyde movie. So there's that.

  2. Back at the beginning of 2009 a script called Cave Girld which was supposed to star Birch crossed my inbox for coverage and man, it was horrible. I have no idea what the status of that project is or whether Birch is still attached but I definatly recommended a pass on that one. Other than that, I don't know, I'd like to see her in more, but I don't really feel a loss that I am not if that makes sense.

  3. I couldn't believe ScarJo got bigger than her after "Ghost World" either.
    Hollywood is a rare beast.

  4. @Simon - The casting for the new Bonnie and Clyde film seems all over the map. You have Hilary Duff, Michael Madsen, Peter Coyote and Cloris Leachman all in the same picture? Strange indeed

    @Mike - Makes perfect sense. She is not one of those actress that you feel the world would stop without her. At the same time it is still nice to see her around.

    @Jose - It must be the blond factor. While both Keira and Scarlett are far more talented than Mena, all three played sexier character than Birch's roles in those respective films.

  5. I agree that Thora Birch should have a bigger career. I don't know what happened. I guess she made a few bad decisions (being in that Limp Bizkit video with Bill Paxton was a bad, bad, bad, bad idea).

    Scarlett at that time had an incredible year in 2001. Ghost World is pretty much a masterpiece and she had two more acclaimed roles to complement that. One of them was a very underrated Coen Brothers film in The Man Who Wasn't There.

    Unfortunately, she hasn't done much since 2004.

  6. @theVoid99 - I agree that The Man Who Wasn't There was surprisingly underrated. I think people had problems with the slower pacing. It should have received far more attention than it got.


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