Friday, June 04, 2010

Fricassee Five Friday: Owen Wilson

The Best

The Royal Tenenbaums
I have expressed my love for this film in the past, so I will not dwell on it today.

Wedding Crashers
So many scenes in this film still make me laugh five years later. Personally I find that Vaughn/Wilson is a far better pairing than Stiller/Wilson

The Darjeeling Limited
I realized today that I only truly enjoy Owen Wilson when he is paired with Wes Anderson. Minus the three non-Anderson films in this section, there is not much that he has done on his own that I have really liked.

Permanent Midnight
I was tempted to place another Wes Anderson flick here but opted for Midnight. An underrated film in my opinion, the performances were all well done. The film is at least worth a rental if you have not seen it.

Shanghai Noon
Ah Rush Hour in the Wild West. It was not original by any means but I did enjoy the chemistry that Wilson and Chan had. Similar to the Matrix, I will pretend that they never made a sequel to this film.

The Worst

The Big Bounce
Wow this film was awful. I do not even know where to begin… The sad part is that I was actually looking forward to this film based on the casting alone. I will never ever get that time back.

Starsky & Hutch
Reason # 24 why Hollywood needs to stop remaking television shows

Many of my close friends love this movie and I cannot fathom why. I think I smirked once through the entire picture. I just did not find it funny at all. I have been tempted to sit through this film again on several occasions to figure out what the fuss is all about. Yet I refuse to put myself through that torture again.

I Spy
Reason # 15 why Hollywood needs to stop remaking television shows

You, Me, and Dupree
On second thought, maybe Zoolander is not so bad after all. Compared to this film, Zoolander is practically Masterpiece Theatre. Not as bad as The Big Bounce, but pretty darn close.


  1. Ugh I know Zoolander is evil!
    Stay away from it for good!

  2. @Jose - I am amazed how often it shows up on the tube. Seems like every month there is a Zoolander screening.

  3. I've got to add Bottle Rocket here. It's his first, it's somewhat indie, and just a great movie. And I'm not even that bit of an Owen Wilson fan, but I definitely fell for him after watching that one.


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