Friday, May 21, 2010

Top Five Friday: Cameron Diaz

The Best

There’s Something About Mary
Overrated? Some may think so. It does not have the constant replay value for me like Old School does. Yet, every couple of years, I catch myself watching this on television and laughing just as hard as I did in theatres.

The Last Supper
I have always been fond of The Last Supper. Dark comedies are a tough thing to pull off, especially ones with political themes.  This one found a way to do it right.  Plus where else can you see Ron Perlman and Jason Alexander in the same film.

Being John Malkovich
Hard to believe this film came out 11 years ago. While Catherine Keener and John Malkovich are the scene stealers in this flick, I thought Cameron Diaz did a wonderful job as the frumpy Lotte Schwartz.

My Best Friend’s Wedding
I fear I may lose my Old Spice “manly man” card for saying this, but I actually enjoyed this film. Diaz played the annoying bride perfectly. Diaz was good in In Her Shoes as well, but I enjoyed Wedding more overall.

A Life Less Ordinary
Often forgotten when talking about Danny Boyle’s body of work, some would say for good reason, but I think expectations were too high on the film. After Shallow Grave and Trainspotting I do not think people knew how to respond to a lighter Boyle flick. It works as an off-beat romance.

The Worst

The Sweetest Thing
A girl’s version of a Farrelly Brothers film…not made by the Farrelly Brothers. That pretty much says it all right there.

The Box
The Box polarized many ciniphiles. I fall into the group that found this film a bore.

Head Above Water
I already mentioned my thoughts on Gangs of New York in an earlier post, so I will not bother to list it again. Instead I will include this film which features another Scorsese alum, Harvey Keitel. 

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
The first Charlie’s Angels movie was mindless campy fun. Full Throttle one was just mindless. Bill Murray was smart to jump ship when he did.

Shrek the Third
Really, I could include Shrek 2 in this slot as well. The sequels have left such a ghastly taste in my mouth that I cannot even watch the original Shrek, which I once loved, anymore.


  1. I'd add My Sister's Keeper to the best list. I seem to be one of the few people who love that movie but it gets my right in the heart every time. Otherwise I totally agree.

  2. @Mike - My Sister's Keeper is one of the few flicks of hers that I still have to see. I never seem to be in the right mood to watch it.

  3. I love A Life Less Ordinary, hate Head Above Water (I just hate her...voice in that, for some reason), am decidely undecided on the rest.

    The Box was pretty okay for the first half hour.

  4. @Simon - Always glad to see I am not alone when it comes to A Life Less Ordinary. I will say that The Box did start off alright but it quickly went downhill for me.

  5. I'm surprised there's no mention of What Happens in Vegas in the worst section. I very nearly put The Sweetest Thing in my worst of the decade list, but in the end I plumped for What Happens in Vegas instead. It's such a hideous, idiotic film.

    I also agree with you on Shrek. If ever there was a case of terrible sequels retroactively spoiling a decent original, then that's it.

  6. Good lord was The Sweetest Thing bad. She's not too bad, need to give A Life Less Ordinary another watch though. Seems to be more of a pretty face than anything else.

  7. @Philip - I was lucky enough to avoid What Happens in Vegas. Too many people warned me about that film.

    @Aiden - Her looks have definitely help her get far more roles than she probably should have gotten. Still,I think Diaz requires the right director to highlight her strengths.


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