Monday, May 24, 2010

Pitch The LAMB: Crash Years

The following is my submission for the Pitch the LAMB feature over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs site (aka. The LAMB). The genre for this month's Pitch the LAMB is Slasher Films. Bloggers are encouraged to come up with an idea for a movie in that genre style.

Crash Years

Despite massive layoffs over the last two years, Union Prima, the world’s leading insurance company, has achieved record profits during that span. Many have accused Union Prima of using the recession as a loophole to violate many of the corporate ethics laws; yet no one has been able to prove it...until now. Alec Sherbert, one of Union Prima’s underpaid mailroom clerks, has been secretly providing a spunky journalist, Shelia Bubletei , with classified documents for weeks. Now on the eve of Union Prima’s annual shareholder’s meeting, Alec is just a few documents away from helping blow the scandal wide open.

Unfortunately for Alec, a bigger story is emerging right before his eyes. On the day of the shareholder’s meeting Alec discovers the body of prominent shareholder in one of the mailroom bins. With the doors leading outside mysteriously locked, and unable to reach Shelia as the phone lines have been cut, Alec’s only hope is to find the last bit of information Sheila needs and find a way out of the building. As the bodies pile up in gruesome fashion, many killed with various office supplies, Alec races to evade the masked killer wielding a serrated letter opener.

After finding the last required file on Shelia’s list, Alec risks his life to save Union Prima CEO Jean Ason from the mysterious killer. Alec and the killer battle until the sound of police men coming up the building distracts them. By time the police reach the executive floor of Union Prima, Ason is crying over Alec’s dead body and the wounded killer is nowhere to be found. As the police remove Alec’s body, a file drops out of his jacket. The file is the work history of Hector Shont, an accountant who was part of the massive layoffs. Unable to pay his bills, Hector committed suicide. Hector’s was survived only by his daughter Sheila whose whereabouts were listed as unknown.

Alec Sherbert – Jay Baruchel
Shelia Bubletei – Rebecca Hall
Jean Ason – Emma Thompson


  1. Dude! So Shelia was the killer? I wanna see this shit, like, right now!

  2. @Simon - LOL. I will get in touch with the studio and see if we can have the film out by Halloween.

  3. Dang! Sweet ending! I can already hear the reviews calling it "Office Space meets Scream."

  4. @Fletch - That was definitely the vibe I was going for. Glad it came across.


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