Monday, May 10, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday

Get Low

I remember talking to a guy in line at TIFF last year who had watched Get Low the day prior. He seemed to have a very enthusiastic reaction to the film. Judging by the trailer, this might be one of those small summer releases that pack a big punch. Plus, anything with Bill Murray in it immediately goes on the “to see” list.

The American

Clooney playing a hired gun in Italy! Okay, I know the hitman with one last job to do is well travelled genre. Yet there is something about the assassin tales that never gets old for me. The American seems like one of those slow burn thrillers that could be really good in the right hands.


  1. I also talked to someone who really liked Get Low at TIFF, said it was the funniest Bill Murray had been in however long. But the word on the streets sounds a lot better than the trailer makes it look, so hopefully the people who have seen it are right.

  2. Def looking forward to The American or anything that has to with Anton Corbijn. Ever see Control?

  3. @Mike - You're right, the trailer does nothing to really highlight Murray's comedic chops in the film.

    @Aiden - I have not seen Control but it has been on my "to watch list" for a long time. I think I need to stop procrastinating on that one. Although someone once told me that I should watch the Joydivision documentary before watching Control.


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