Monday, May 03, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday

Jonah Hex

As much I enjoy reading comics, Jonah Hex is a character I never got into. DC Comics has had a far better track record on the big screen than Marvel so I may give this one a shot. Plus Brolin has some pretty good one-liners in the trailer, which leads me to believe that the film stays close to the source material.


Sometimes the simplest trailers are the most effective. The premise sounds like a mix between the Quentin Tarantino directed episodes of CSI and the film Old Boy (a personal favorite). Cannot wait for this one!


  1. I'm not too sold on Buried, but I'm glad to see Reynolds getting moderate attention. Hopefully it's good.

  2. @Andrew - Reynolds has grown on me in recent years. I think films like The Nines and Adventureland were probably big reasons for that.


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