Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Top 5 Films To Avoid Before Saying "I Do"

As I am getting married this coming weekend, the rest of this week’s posts will have a wedding related theme.  Today I will look at some films that you should not watch on the eve of your wedding.

Top 5 Films To Avoid Before Saying "I Do":

Runaway Bride – I am still waiting for a runaway groom film to be made, although something tells me it will not have the same appeal with the ladies like this film did. Regardless, there is nothing more embarrassing than being ditched at the altar last minute.

The War of the Roses – Sure it has got a happy ending of sorts, not to mention that it is pretty funny as well, but you should probably wait until after the Honeymoon to revisit The Roses’ bitter divorce battle.

Husbands and Wives – Really, I could have chosen any Woody Allen film as many of his works deal with the demise of relationships and finding new love. Personally I really liked this film but, in the context of this list, realizing that you have married the wrong person may not be the best thing to watch before you say “I do.”

Little Children – Another film that I absolutely love. Unfortunately the film's view on suburban life, thought spot on at times, hardly gets you in the mood to spend a lifetime with someone. On any other day this film would be a must see though.

Revolutionary Road – Is it wrong that I totally see where Leo’s character is coming from in the film? I think that is a debate for another day though… Similar to Little Children, which also features Kate Winslet, this film details the horrors of suburban life and marriage. Yet unlike Little Children, where the various couples are miserable from the beginning, Revolutionary Road documents the couple’s journey from happiness to misery. Plus the repercussions in Revolutionary Road are far more damaging.


  1. Congrats on getting married!

    While I'm nowhere near marriage myself, I agree that watching 'Revolutionary Road' would scare me away, or at least make me think twice.

    Also, though it's not exactly about marriage, something about 'The Break-Up' (billed as a comedy) was entirely too real and somber.

  2. This is a good list but you know what, Little Children is actually one of those films that everyone but me seemed to get into. To me it just seemed like it sat at an uneasy crossroads between Happiness and Magnolia and never felt the ambition to push itself fully into either direction. I'm also kind of tired of all these bored, depressed suburban living movies because the genre has been so played out and seemed to peak with both of the above mentioned titles. I'm curious though as to what appealed to you about this film?

  3. @Peter – Thanks! I was not a fan of The Break-Up but I do see your point. I thought the first quarter of The Break-Up worked really well, but the film went downhill for me fairly quickly after that. Vaughn’s character was just a little too childish from the start. I never once believed that Aniston would want to stay with a guy like that.

    @Mike – I had not thought of Little Children in the same vein as Happiness or Magnolia but, now that you mention it, this does give me much to think about. There was a lot I liked about Little Children, some of which included Todd Field’s direction, the use of narration, the performances, the offbeat humor, etc. You are correct that the depressed suburban living genre is played out. Yet I liked the angle the film took by having the suburbs be just another extension of high school. Essentially the main characters want to forget their responsibilities and reclaim the carefree days of their youth. Wilson is the jock that married the pretty cheerleader but he quickly realizes there is no one left to fawn over his past glory. Winslet is the nerd that finally gets a chance to score the Jock, and foolishly risks everything just to be that girl. I know a lot of people who did not like Little Children, yet it is one of those films that I can watch over and over.

  4. Congratulations on getting married, especially agree with you on the two Winslet pieces. I suppose there's room for Closer somewhere on that list.

  5. I'd avoid any romantic comedy, the ones setting impossibly high standards for relationships. Also, kramer vs. Kramer.

    Revolutionary Road is terrifying.

  6. @Andrew - Thanks, Andrew! Closer would also be a good selection for the list. It completely slipped my mind when I was think about what films to use.

    @Simon - Kramer vs. Kramer is another excellent selection. I might need to change this to a top ten list. LOL.

  7. "So I Married An Axe Murder" would also work as well.

  8. I would have sworn I left a Congrats for getting married somewhere but I don't see it so here we go:

    Congratulations on getting married! May you live happily ever after ;)


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