Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can You Dig It? Roasted LAMB

Some quick LAMB links for you today:

The latest edition of Pitch the LAMB is out. This edition asks bloggers to come up with plot ideas for the Slasher genre.

LAMB Casting is re-casting the film The Color Purple. Be sure to vote for which casting choice you like the best.

The LAMB Acting School 101 on Johnny Depp is now up. See what other bloggers think of Depp and his various films.

Stump the LAMBs is testing your knowledge of the film The Fugitive. Deadline to enter is April 24, 2010.

Lastly, submissions are still being accepted for the LAMBS in the Director’s Chair # 7 on Martin Scorsese. Please make a point to submit any articles or reviews you may have on Scorsese’s larger body of work. Deadline for submissions is April 27, 2010

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