Friday, March 26, 2010

Pitch the LAMB: Mutiny, I Promise You

The following is my submission for the Pitch the LAMB feature over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs site (aka. The LAMB). The genre for this month's Pitch the LAMB is Coming-of-Age and bloggers are encourage to come up with an idea for a movie in that genre style.

Mutiny, I Promise You

The Pitch: 17 year-old Frankie Heyward rarely sees eye to eye with his folks on anything. The only person who seems to truly get him is Alba Morris, a 37 year-old woman who he chats with online every night. Despite the fact that Alba is married with kids, Frankie believes that they are destined to be together. After a particularly heated argument with his parents, over the amount of time he spends on the computer each day, Frankie leaves home and in hopes of hitchhiking across the country to be with Alba.

Along his travels Frankie meets, and befriends, former movie child star Neil Cord. Although Neil has not landed a role in years, he refuses to accept that his fame has faded. Neil parties hard with no regard to the consequences of his actions. Through Neil, Frankie is introduced to an exciting world filled drugs, women, and booze. Frankie is mesmerized by this lifestyle at first but soon sees its darker side when a drug dealer, Douglas Dell, starts pursuing Neil for unpaid debts. Fearing for Neil’s life, Frankie pleads with Neil to just pay the money stating “he’s going to kill you”. Yet, unbeknownst to Frankie, Neil squander all his money away on years ago.

As the two young men travel across country, Frankie starts to question whether his life at home was as bad as he originally thought? Neil begins to realize, through his friendship with Frankie, that there is more to life than being admired by others. Sadly this realization comes too late for Neil as he is suddenly gunned down by Douglas Dell. “Hey Frankie…” would be the last words ever uttered out of Neil's mouth. By time Frankie reaches Alba’s house he is a changed man. Exhaust, both mentally and physically, Frankie can barely muster the energy to knock on Alba's front door. After all Frankie has witnessed and experienced, he now knows that there is no future with Alba. All Frankie wants is to use Alba’s phone to call his parents so that they can bring him home.

Possible Cast:
Frankie Heyward - Aaron Johnson
Neil Cord - Paul Dano
Douglas Dell -Bobby Cannavale
Alba Morris - Melissa McCarthy


  1. Well, damn, that's a sad little plot twist. I'd totally see that though, which is sadder.

    Thank you for giving me another hyothetical movie to cast Paul Dano in.

  2. @Simon - Would you believe it actually started out as a comedy? Somehow it end up a drama the more I fleshed out the idea in my head.

  3. Your movie is much more realistic than my nonsense :)

  4. @Andrew - I actually like your so-called "nonsense". Writing a tragic period piece, like you did, is far more creative and challenging than anything I could ever come up with.


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