Monday, March 29, 2010

Movie Marketing Monday

Movie Marketing Monday looks at the movie trailers and/or posters that caught my eye recently.

Animal Kingdom

One of the few trailers that I have seen recently that actually made me giddy. One of the best trailers out right now.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Nicolas Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer together again. Box office cash registers have already started rejoicing. While it does look better than I originally expected, the Cage factor knocks this down a few points for me.

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  1. @Mike and Simon - First off, my apologies for not having your comments up. I accidently removed them in error when I was getting rid of some junk mail comments.

    @Mike - Bruckheimer has away of making every Cage film he works on seem appealing. They some how have extended their fortunes from The Rock all the way up to the National Treasure franchise.

    In regards to this weeks banner, I had hard time deciding which scene to use from the film. There are just so many great moments in the movie

    @Simon - There is just something about the Animal Kingdom trailer that seems fresh and exciting. It definitely is my sleeper pick for the summer. I hope the film lives up to my expectations.


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