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Pitch the LAMB: Kopera

The following is my submission for the Pitch the LAMB feature over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs site (aka. The LAMB). The theme for this month's Pitch the LAMB is Science Fiction and bloggers are encourage to come up with a movie ideas based on the genre.


Agnes Kopera -Kerry Washington
Zigmund Cox - Brad Pitt
Jangois Velope - Johnny Depp
Stephanie Shibato - Tilda Swinton
Rick Urani - Ken Leung
Hilroy Vangaudrid - Josh Brolin
Jimmy Vesteeg - Diego Luna

The year is 2060 and the world is on the verge of its next big technological revolution. Agnes Kopera , 33, is a former drug addict who now works as a psychiatrist helping others overcome their addictions. One afternoon Kopera returns home to find a mysterious unmarked brown envelope mixed in with her bills; and two messages on her VangTube video phone system. The first message is from a telemarketer asking for donations for the Save A Child Organization. Images of homeless and hungry children flashed across the 60 inch screen. The second message is from a man who did not identify himself and spoke in a frantic tone. Kopera knew who person was without even looking up, Jimmy Vesteeg. Jimmy, a notorious celebrity cyber hacker, was an old friend from Agnes' drug hazed days. It had been years since she had seen Vesteeg but she could tell something was wrong. Jimmy looked flustered and was talking at a faster rate than usual. What Kopera could decipher was that Jimmy had found a way to hack into the ironclad Vangaudrid Incorporated security system and came across something disturbing in their database.

Founded by Hilroy Vangaudrid, Vangaudrid Incorporated is credited with changing the global market place in regards to electronic devices. The company's cutting edge "Vang" series of products has altered how people go about their daily lives. It is nearly impossible to find a home, or a person, that does not own at least one Vanguadrid product. Even the world of social networks has been influenced by Vangaudrid. The online network, The VangTrack, sees an average of 3 million users logging on a each day. Labelled a visionary by his peers, Hilroy Vangaudrid plans to unveil his company's latest invention, The VangCart, to the masses in mere days. Little is known about the device but consumer anticipation is already through the roof.

This insatiable curiosity about The VangCart is what led Jimmy to break into the company's network in the first place. Vesteeg did not go into detail about what he found though; Jimmy merely stated that Kopera's life was in grave danger and that the monkey was the key. Agnes Kopera then watched in horror as Jimmy abruptly shot himself. The image of Jimmy's dead body froze on screen for a few seconds before the message automatically timed out.

None of this made sense to Agnes, she was clearly in shock, and her mind struggled to absorb what she had just witnessed. The one thing she knew for sure was that Jimmy never did anything without having a backup plan ready first. Kopera quickly rips open the brown envelope and finds a holographic tattoo at the centre of the white page. The tattoo is of a cartoon monkey with three stars rapidly swirling over the character's head. Underneath the tattoo is a cryptic note from Jimmy stating "Will you bring destruction to mankind? Only if I am successful." Kopera did not understand what the phrase meant but she knew how these type of tattoos worked. Without hesitating Agnes touched the holographic image and felt a slight burning sensation on her right forearm. Within seconds the tattoo had transferred from page to her arm. Jimmy's cryptic note also disappeared and was replaced by three words: "They are coming!"

Kopera's life is soon turned upside down as she finds herself on the run from a sadistic bounty hunter, Jangois Velope, who will stop at nothing to get the information stored within Agnes' tattoo. Hired by Hilroy Vanguadrid himself, Jangois leaves a path of sorrow and pain whereever he goes and takes immense pride in that fact. If Jangois Velope was not enough to deal with, Kopera must also evade two hard-boiled federal agents, Stephanie Shibato and Rick Urani. Shibato and Urani are investigating Jimmy's suicide and his ties to an illegal underground commune known as The Nezzar.

Shibato believes that The Nezzar is a group of anarchist who may have terrorist ties. Fearing for her life, and with options running out, Kopera's only hope might be a mysterious recluse named Zigmund Cox. Zigmund used to work at Vanguadrid Incorporated before vanishing one day without a trace. Rumours of his alleged death have floated around for years, yet so have tales about Cox's association with The Nezzar. As Kopera's journey takes her deeper into the mystery of the monkey tattoo, she will not only learn more about Vangaudrid and The Nezzar, but about herself as well. Kopera will make a discovery about her past, one that she never knew she had, which will have horrific ramifications for both Kopera and the world in general.

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