Friday, December 18, 2009

Remembering 2008 Before Reflecting on 2009

As the year is coming to a close many “Best of 2009” and “Best of the Decade” lists are popping up all over the place. While I will have my Best of the Decade list up in the next week or so, I usually do my “Best of [insert year]” at the end of January since several of the December limited releases do not go wide in Toronto until the New Year. Unfortunately I procrastinated on posting my "Best of 2008" in January and figured it would have been rather odd posting it during the summer. Now seems like the best time to finally get the list out of the way. Especially since I have been thinking a lot about last year’s strong crop of films in comparison to this year’s much weaker batch. So far 2008 is still the stronger of the two.

Best Films of 2008

10. Wendy and Lucy

9. Doubt

8. Milk

7. Wall-E

6. (Tie) I’ve Loved You So Long and Rachel Getting Married – Similar themes, great performances, and both are powerful films...but for different reasons.

5. The Visitor

4. The Wrestler – Second favourite film at TIFF ’08

3. Slumdog Millionaire – Favourite film at TIFF ‘08

2. Let the Right One In

1. The Dark Knight

Honorable Mentions: Man on Wire, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Bank Job, Waltz With Bashir, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, JCVD.


  1. Wow - great list! I'm especially happy to see THE DARK KNIGHT at the top since I really think that some people out there unfairly discount it for being a genre film.

    (BTW, for what it's worth my favorite TIFF 2008 movie was THE WRESTLER)

    And of course, now I'm curious to see what will top your 2009 list!

    PS - In case you're curious, this was my list for the best of 2008:

  2. @Hatter - I hear you on the Dark Knight. It is often dismissed as "just another superheroe flick" when it is really so much more. I watched it again recently and the film still holds up extremely well.

  3. i like your top 10. i was really surprised by rachel getting married. so good!

  4. @MrJeffery - Thanks. Rachel Getting Married shocked me as well. Hopefully Hathaway explores more roles like this in the future.

  5. 2008 was a fantastic year for film.

    There was an abundance of great inspirational films which helped open up the viewers eyes to new concepts and themes that were once unknown (eg. Slumdog Millionaire).

    several 2008 films such as Wall.e and Slumdog Millionaire have gained a place in my ever growing list of favourite films.

  6. @Vicki - I find that many of the 2008 films are holding up very well. Films like Wall-E and Slumdog still impact me the same way on mulitiple viewings as they did when I first saw them.


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