Sunday, September 06, 2009

TIFF. List '09

Update 9/10/09 - Added a few more short films to the list

Below is the list of films I will be seeing at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF.) beginning later this week. I originally had tickets to Drew Barrymore’s Whip It, Cracks, and Good Hair (Saturday screening) but traded them in for films from Israel, South Korea and the Philippines. TIFF. tickets can be purchased online until Saturday September 19, 2009. [Purchase TIFF tickets]

My TIFF. List ‘09

Like You Know It All [Jal Aljido Motamyunseo] – dir. Hong Sang-soo, South Korea
Cleanflix – dir. Andre James & Joshua Ligairi, USA
Antichrist – dir. Lars Von Trier, Denmark
* Big Head – dir. Dylan Akio Smith, Canada
Year of the Carnivore – dir. Sook-Yin Lee, Canada
The Art of the Steal – dir. Don Argott, USA
Kelin – dir. Ermek Tursonov, Kazakhstan
The Men Who Stare At Goats – dir. Grant Heslov, USA
Good Hair – dir. Jeff Stilson, USA
A Serious Man – dir. The Coen Brothers, USA
Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” By Sapphire – dir. Lee Daniels, USA
The Road – dir. John Hillcoat, USA
The Joneses – dir. Derrick Borte, USA
The Warrior and the Wolf [Lang Zai Ji] – dir. Tin Zhuang Zhuang, China
The Loved Ones – dir. Sean Byrne, Australia
* fish in barrel - dir. Randall Okita, Canada
* Unlocked - diir. Mio Adilman, Canada
* IKWÉ - dir. Caroline Monnet, Canada
* Life Begins - dir. Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Canada
* Edge of the Desert - dir. Lea Nakonechny, Canada
* Record - dir. Dylan Reibling, Canada
* Vs. - dir. Ben Bruhmuller, Canada
Partir [Leaving] – dir. Cathrine Corsini, France
Youth in Revolt – dir. Miguel Arteta, USA
Bitch Slap – dir. Rick Jacobson, USA
Ajami – dir. Scandar Copti & Yaron Shani, Israel
Micmacs A Tire-Larigot [Micmacs] – dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, France
Vengeance – dir. Johnnie To, Hong Kong
Le Refuge [The Refuge] – Fracois Ozon, France
The Ape [Apan] – Jesper Ganslandt, Sweden
* 5 Dysfunctional People In A Car – Pat Mills, Canada
A Gun to the Head – Blaine Thurier, Canada
If I Knew What You Said [Dinig Sana Kita] – dir. Mike Escareal Sandejas, Philippines
Life During Wartime – dir. Todd Solondz, USA
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – dir. Terry Gilliam, Canada/UK

* - Short Film

A full recap of all these films to follow in the coming weeks…for more Big Thoughts From A Small Mind's 2009 Film Reviews


  1. Nice list... very jealous. I'm really hoping Ewan does a good job with Men Who Stare At Goats.


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