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Transformer Comedians in Disguise

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

When we last left our favourite robots in disguise, the evil Megatron was powerless at the bottom of the ocean; Starscream was running away; and Optimus Prime was looking towards a peaceful co-existence with the human race. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen pretty much picks up were the original left off. The Autobots are working with the US army to track down the remaining Decepticons hiding around the globe. The Decpticons are secret looking for any remnants from the now destroyed cube featured in the previous movie. A mere fragment of the cube would not only bring Megatron back to life but would also aide Megatron’s master, The Fallen, in finding the mysterious device that would destroy the earth once and for all. As luck would have it, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) discovers a piece of said cube in his old clothing while getting ready to leave for college. With the fate of the entire world at stake Sam, along with his girlfriend Mikaela (Megan Fox) and trusty Autobot Bumble Bee, must now race to find the ancient device before The Fallen does.

Personally, I think Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will go down as the greatest comedy Michael Bay has ever directed. I know the movie is being sold as a mindless action movie; but you cannot help but laugh at all the unintentional comedic moments in the movie. Having somewhat enjoyed the first movie, I went into the sequel with my brain shut off ready to watch things explode. The only problem was, with the ridiculously long running time, my brain kicked back in about an hour or so into the picture. Partly because it was almost impossible at times to tell the Decepticons apart. The Constructicons and the green truck were the only exceptions; all the other villains looked like the same grey robot. Yet the main thing that caused my brain to start working again, and me to breakout in laughter, was the randomness of the characters and events in the picture.

The government has the technology to track down Decepticons hiding all over the world, but they are unable to notice a massive robot satellite in space. Fine, I am willing to let that slide. The Decepticons magically have Terminator like abilities, and can travel through time, yet only two of them paid attention in class when this was being taught. Hey, I fell asleep in some classes in my time so I will let that go as well. The Fallen has been on his death bed for years but is suddenly in fine form the minute he senses that his nemesis will no longer be a problem. Alright…I guess that makes sense…kind of. The Fallen then proceeds to do nothing until the very last 15 minutes when he swoops in to claim the matrix. The same matrix that you had not only had to travel to robot heaven for, but also endure the “after school special-style” moment where you learn that the power of the magic pixie dust “was in you all along”…Okay you have officially lost me.

The humans do not fair much better in the picture. Shia LaBeouf basically goes through the motions, although I give him credit for delivering some awful dialogue with a straight face. Most of the returning supporting casts are given far less to do in the film. Many just set up one-liners or, in most cases, are the butt of the jokes. Megan Fox provides the eye candy but not much else…not that I am complaining. The only person that really seems to get the silly tone of the film is John Turturro. His exaggeration of Agent Simmons provides the few intentionally funny moments in the entire production.

While all the over the top Bay-style action is present, there was not much that really wowed me. Sure gutting one robot like a fish was cool but, most of the time, the action was pretty much more of the same things we saw in the first one. Frankly it was more thrilling in the original as well. The only real difference is that Michael Bay has taken his spastic filmmaking to a whole new level. One minute he is doing a “serious” dramatic moment, the next he is having robots farting and humping people’s legs, and the less said about the slang talking robots the better. It is easy to dismiss the movie has mindless fun, but Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is too inept to even reach that level.

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  1. Yeah, the movie was all over the place. Inconsistent tone was but one of many, many problems with the film. Still those robots looked very realistic. If only the action scenes weren't so frantic.


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