Sunday, May 31, 2009

War Between Brides Truly A Horrific Sight.

Bride Wars

Last year both Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson were featured on this blog for two vastly different films. Hathaway was marvelous in the film Rachel Getting Married, one of the best films of 2008, and Hudson sleepwalked through the horrendous romantic comedy Fools Gold. In my opinion Fools Gold was the worst film of 2008, and it seems that I will have to make room for yet another Hudson flick, Bride Wars, on my “Worst of 2009” list.

Ever since they were little girls, best friends Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) envisioned having their individual weddings at the illustrious Plaza Hotel. When Emma and Liv get engaged around the same time, they work towards making their life long dream a reality. This includes enlisting the services of the famous wedding planner Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen) to orchestrate the big day. Yet when Marion's assistant inadvertently schedules both weddings for the same day, cracks start to appear in Emma and Liv’s friendship. Things really start to hit the fan when neither woman is willing to move their wedding to a different date and venue.

I know that I am not the demographic that this movie was made for, but I would be insulted if I was. The movie not only portrays women as vapid and shallow beings, but also has the nerve to try and justify there right to be this way. Apparently, engagement rings are to women what kryptonite is to Superman. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished lawyer, or a teacher, chances are good that as long as you are female your brains will turn to mush at the mere mention of the word “wedding”. It is nearly impossible to find one normal woman in the entire film. The majority of the females in supporting roles are just as dim and obnoxious as the leads. This is not to say that the men fair any better. Not only are men practically non-existent in the film, they are mainly used as catalyst to further the ludicrous plot. This includes such things as making the once loving boyfriend into jerk out of the blue, adding generic new love interest, etc. The worst thing about Bride Wars is the fact that neither Liv nor Emma really grows by the end of the film. Sure they may shed a tear here and there but both women ultimately stay the same. Which, I guess, is fitting considering that the audience experiences the same level of dismay they felt watching Kate Hudson’s last few movies.

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