Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wanted For Several Crimes Against Logic

Despite some pretty invented moments (e.g. the keyboard scene, the rat’s demise, and the “I’m sorry kill”), I couldn’t help feel that “Wanted” was nothing more than a series of senseless vignettes taken from far better films. Sure there were parts where a laughed out loud, yet most of that was at the absurdity of it all. The original “The Matrix” was over the top, but at least the world the film created was cohesive. This film felt like it was the sequel to Crank, another film I detested, as it was all adrenaline and no substance. The movie wants to be grounded in “the real world” so we can identify with Wesley, yet it also wants to live in this other realm where assassins randomly have “super strength” depending on the scene.

My main problem with this film is that it tries so hard to be “bad ass,” that it completely ignores the unique structure that it is trying to create. I tried my best to suspend my disbelief, but “Wanted” had way too many leaps in logic. We are told that only select people have the ability to do what the assassins do in this film. So if you wish to drive a car off the side of a bus, it can be done. Fine, I have no issue with this. You want to shoot a hole in a guy’s head and use the body, with said head still attached to your gun, as a shield. Hey, I’m still with you. You accurately shoot a bullet halfway across town, yet you cannot hit a guy in a garbage truck below. Okay....a minor oversight maybe. You crash a car into a moving train and the train still functions fine. Yet once the conductor pulls the emergency breaks, the same train goes off the rails and kills everyone on board. Wait a minute….what?

While I am sure the graphic novel was fully realized, as a movie, “Wanted” left me wanting more substance. Especially after the film spends so much time on showing us how big of a loser McAvoys’ character, Wesley Gibson, is. They could have spent half that time on developing a better back-story of “Fraternity of Assassins”. Seriously they get their assignments from a “magical” a fabric machine? Also, the big “revelation” felt rather anti-climatic considering the audience figures out the whole plot before Wesley has even made his first kill. Sure “Wanted” had its moments, but this film is a rental at best.

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  1. I thought the movie was okay, with a couple entertaining scenes, but I liked the director's earlier film Night Watch a lot better.


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