Sunday, May 04, 2008

This Iron Man Is Rust Proof

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Iron Man
After a mix of the successful launches (Spider Man, X-Men, Blade), and horrific failures (Elektra, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, The Hulk), Marvel has once again dipped into its canon of superheroes with hopes of box office gold. Fortunately for them, “Iron Man” is a blockbuster truly worthy of the Marvel branding. The film is faithful to the lore that comic fans have loved for years. Robert Downey Jr. perfectly captures the essence of Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy and weapons manufacturer, who ultimately becomes Iron Man. Downey Jr. finds the perfectly blend of arrogance, humour and heart that made Tony such a complex character in the comics. The film also does a good job of including a lot of references (e.g. S.H.I.E.L.D, Rhodes as War Machine, The Avengers, etc.) that should wet fans appetites for future film installments. Yet you do not need to be a fan of the books to enjoy this film. The movie provides enough action and story to entertain, and bring up to speed, the uninitiated. As with all major comic book tales that jump to the big screen, “Iron Man” is essentially just an origin story. Which mean the film does have a few spots where the pacing lags a tad. Yet the moments are so minor that many will hardly notice. Once the action sequences hit, you will forget that film ever had a slow moment to begin with. “Iron Man” is a fine addition to the canon of superhero movies, and should not be missed by those looking for a fun summer blockbuster.

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  1. I hope you're gonna see EVERYTHING this summer, 'cause I love reading your reviews! I wasn't quite as taken with Iron Man as you, but it does have me revved up for some blockbusters to come. Of course, the film I am anticipating the most is Religulous (w/ Bill Maher), which probably won't play here in Windsor.

  2. I know that you loved The Dark Knight (as did many, many others.) Some people have proclaimed it as the best movie, let alone superhero movie, of all time.

    I don't dislike it, but I am not THAT thrilled by it. I feel that it wasn't even the best superhero movie of the summer it came out. Why? Because Iron Man came out the same summer.

    I had low expectations for Iron Man. A second tier hero that I never really cared about? Being played by a slumming Robert Downey, Jr.? No way.

    Then a friend went to see it and he kept talking it up, kept telling me he knew I would enjoy it, especially the ending. I broke down, went to see it in the theater, and loved it.

    I agree with you that this is film worthy of Marvel.


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