Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best Films of 2007

The Academy Award nominations were released yesterday and for once I am happy with the majority of Best Picture nominees. I still have to see Atonement, but I was pleased to see the other four all get nods. While there are still a bunch of films that I need to see (e.g. Once, Gone Baby Gone, 3:10 to Yuma, Into the Wild, etc.); here are some of my favourite films of 2007 so far.

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Best Films of 2007

10. Ratatouille
If it were not for “The Incredibles”, this would probably be my favourite Pixar film. I really did not expect to like this film as much as I did. The animation was simply outstanding! So much detail was given to every little aspect of the film.

9. Knocked Up
I could have easily included “Superbad” to the list...and I was very tempted to. Both films had me rolling with laughter, but in my opinion Knocked Up wins by a slim hair. Mainly because I’m at the age were I identify with this film more. It was one of the few romantic comedies that accurately show how both sexes view sex and love.

8. 300
Say what you will about the over-the-top violence, and cheesy dialogue, but this film was my guilty pleasure of the year (sorry “Grindhouse”). Visually speaking, I thought the film was a stunningly faithful adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel. Sure it is a mindless popcorn flick, but man was it every fun.

7. Zodiac
I will be the first to admit that the pacing is too slow. Yet if you stick with the film and you will be greatly rewarded. Zodiac is a smart film that never really found the audience it deserved in theatres. Oddly enough I found this film actually got better upon repeat viewing.

6. The Lives of Others
I originally saw this film back in 2006 at the Toronto International Film Festival, but it didn’t hit theatres in North America until 2007. Regardless of when it was released, this film should not be missed. The issues depicted in the film are very much relevant today.

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5. Breach
There is nothing flashy that really happens in “Breach”. No major car chases, no “you can’t handle the truth” quotable moments. All you get are some great performances and a fairly straight forward story. Yet some how this film had me hooked to the very end. Similar to Zodiac and Micheal Clayton, this film never caught fire with audiences. Which is a shame.

4. Juno
This film has been riding a wave of hype for sometime now, and it deserves all the accolades it has been receiving. The film has everything you hope for in a film: a phenomenal script, great cast, and a great soundtrack. Few films are able to tackle the issue of teen pregnancy in such a funny and thought provoking way.

3. Michael Clayton
2007 saw the resurgence in 70’s influenced films (e.g. Breach, Zodiac). The best of the bunch for me was Michael Clayton. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the stellar performances, coupled with a great script, make this film a much deeper and more engrossing than most of its peers.

2. No Country for Old Men
I have already sung my praises for this film in my last post, so no need to say much more. Up until recently it was top dog of all the films that I saw. That was until one film snuck in at the last moment and stole some of its thunder…

1. There Will Be Blood
While this film is bound to annoy some viewers, this was the one film this year that stayed with me the most. Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance is worth the price of admission alone. The same can be said for the cinematography and Jonny Greenwood’s brilliant score. P.T. Anderson crafts a truly epic film that is engaging to the very last frame. Similar to “No Country”, “There Will Be Blood” took a well-worn genre and crafted something new and exciting from it.

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Honorable Mentions: Superbad, The Host, Stardust, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Darjeeling Limited, Fay Grim, Charlie Wilson’s War, Grindhouse, I Am Legend.

The worst films of the year (in no particular order): Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, Epic Movie, Ghost Rider, Primeval, Norbit, Smoking Aces, Beowulf


  1. I'm guessing you didn't see "Shoot 'em up?" God, what an awful "I-have-to-laugh-to-keep-from-gauging-my-eyes-out" film.

  2. I just saw No Country For Old Men. I'd have to agree on your place for it at number 2. Javier Bardem's character is one terrifying and extraordinary performance. Next on my list is There Will Be Blood and Juno.


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