Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jack Bauer Returns In 6 Days!

I will be seeing Children of Men this Friday, so I should have a review of it post at some point this weekend. I was originally going to talk about the new albums from Nas and Ghostface Killah; but since I'm still a little tired from the Montreal trip, I opted for the softer sounds of The Shins today.

The Shins - Wincing The Night Away (buy)

Zach Braff's favorite band is back with their third album. Yet despite what the decent, but highly-overrate, film Garden State would lead you to believe...The Shins still won't change your life. The most they will probably do is entertain you for several hours with their brand of understated indie-pop . Although The Shins' sound has been fairly consistent with each new album, I enjoyed this album much more than "Chutes Too Narrow" (buy). Mainly because it reminded me of a their debut, “Oh, Inverted World” (buy), but much bigger. For the most part the formula is similar to the previous albums. Yet the subtle tweaks, such as the nod to 80's artist like The Smiths, help to expand the scope of the music. There are the several bouncy tracks, like "Australia", that will have humming along immediately. Yet the real strength of Wincing The Night Away arrives in tracks like "Sea Legs" and "Red Rabbit". While not necessarily toe-tapping ditties, the various nuances within both tracks make them standout. It is like I am constantly discovering some new in those tracks every time I listen to the record. If you enjoyed either of the bands first two albums, or enjoyed hiring them in Garden State, you should know what to expect from Wincing The Night Away. It does not drastically reinvent the wheel, but who cares, sometimes subtle changes to a familiar model is all that is needed.

Here is the lead of single, "Phantom Limb", from Wincing The Night Away. Although fans of the Venture Bros will agree that there can only be one true Phantom Limb (link).

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