Monday, December 04, 2006

Mash Potatoes

A few mash-ups today...

Random Song 1: De La Soul vs. Cheers - Ooh Cheers (by Lenlow)
Random Song 2: Bjork vs. Sea & Cake vs. Jeremy Steig - Hidden Howling Bird (by Lenlow)

Danger Mouse

Encore from the Grey Album. While Girl Talk has been crowned “mash-up king” of 2006. Danger Mouse will always be remembered for making mash-ups trendy in the mainstream. Who knew all you needed was the world's most well known rapper and say the biggest rock group ever. While it may not “wow” technically speaking (for that see Girl Talk), it is still a great album to listen to. It still holds up well two-years later. Anyone else find it odd that both the new Jay-Z album and the new Beatles album came out within weeks of each other this past month? Coincidences? I think not.

Random Song 4: Marvin Gaye vs. Lipps - Sexual Town
Random Song 5: Girl Talk - Minute by Minute
Bonus: Danger Mouse - 99 Problems

Ipod Workout Plan: Keisha Chante - 2U from the album 2U (buy). This song is always playing when my alarm goes off in the morning. The beat is permanently stuck in my head. Curse you morning radio...

Random Song 5: Gnarls Barkley vs. Prince - Crazy Times
Random Song 6: Nickelback vs. Nickelback - Nickelback to Back
Bonus: Girl Talk - Summer Smoke

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