Sunday, November 26, 2006

For Your Consideration

I saw For Your Consideration and The Queen (highly recommend) this past weekend. I posted my reviews for both films here (under the handle Draxhall). Random Songs this week are inspired by Dave Chappelle's Block Party which was on the tube this past week.

Random Song 1: Jill Scott - A Long Walk (buy)
Random Song 2: Cody Chesnutt - Smoke and Love (buy)
Bonus: Erykah Badu - Tyrone (buy)

The Blow

Parentheses from the album Paper Television (buy). When I first saw the video for “Parentheses” I had one of those I’ve heard this song before moments. After a little searching I realized that this song had been on my Ipod for quite sometime. The Blow’s avant-pop style is definitely an acquired taste. Yet songs like “Parentheses”, “True Affections”, and “Pile of Gold” are reason enough to give The Blow a listen at least once. The video for “Parentheses”, below, is a good indication of what to expect from the album…again they are a acquired taste.

Random Song 3: Dead Prez - Hip Hop (buy)
Random Song 4: The Roots - Love of My Life (ft. Common) (buy)
Bonus: Mos Def - Umi Says (buy)


I’ll Do Whatever You Want from the A Little Place in the Wilderness LP (buy). Although Memphis just released their second album this past August, the band is more known for their affiliations. Singer Torquil Campbell is the co-lead singer for the group The Stars. On this album Torquil re-teams with Chris Dumont to make a more of there trademark lush pop sound. While the album has a very relaxed vibe to it, I wished there were more upbeat tracks included. The standout tracks for me were “I’ll Do Whatever…” and “In The Cinema Alone.”

Here is the great video for “I’ll Do Whatever You Want”

Random Song 5: The Fugees - Ready or Not (buy)
Random Song 6: Talib Kweli - Get By (buy)
Bonus: Blackstar - Definition (buy)

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