Friday, October 27, 2006

On The Road Again

This week I previewed Wincing The Night Away, the new album from The Shins. Overall I really enjoyed the album; I will talk more about it closer to the release date (currently set for January 23, 2007). In other news, a minor flood somewhere in the area has knocked out the main phone lines until Wednesday. Thankfully my cell is with another provider, although the silence is rather refreshing. I'm am also expriencing problems uploading songs. This is mainly due to the system upgrades EZArchives are currently doing. So the songs today are taken from the Pitchfork blog. I will have my own weird blend of tunes back up shortly. Anyways, I’m off to Montreal to see the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens play.

Random Song 1: Talib Kweli - Listen (stream only)
Random Song 2: Swan Lake - The Freedom

Viva Voce – Get Yr Blood Sucked Out


Although Viva Voce has been around for a few years now, I only recently stumbled across them. This is mainly a result of their John Lennon inspired video for the song "From The Devil Himself". At first glance, I was about to write this band off as another White Stripes clone. Yet it quickly became clear that I couldn’t have been further from the truth. The husband-and-wife duo of Kevin and Anita Robinson create an interesting blend of psychedelic rock and eerily soothing harmonies. While a few tracks (most notably “So Many Miles”) breakout into “jams sessions” at one point or another, it never truly disrupts the flow of the song. Besides From The Devil..., Two of my other favourite tracks on the album in are “Special Thing” and "We Do Not Fuck Around”. Both songs are perfect examples of the continual contrast between up-tempo tracks and softer songs that are found on the album.

There is nothing like sticking it to “The Man” with a good old-fashioned Lennon-style protest. Here is the great video for From The Devil Himself:

Random Song 3: Earlimart - Don't Think About Me
Random Song 4: Girl Talk - Smash Your Head

Ipod Workout Plan: The Hold Steady – “Chips Ahoy” from the album Boys and Girls In America (Buy). I have heard that the media can be intrusive but this is taken things a bit too far:

Random Song 5: Nina Simone - Turn On Me (Tony Humpries Mix)
Random Song 6: Gwen Stefani - Wind it Up (stream only)

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