Saturday, October 21, 2006

Breakfast At 1pm, Must Be The Weekend

Saw The Departed this past week, I will hopefully have a blurb about it posted soon on EZ1 Productions.

Random Song 1: Cadence Weapon - 30 Seconds (buy)
Random Song 2: I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona (buy)

The Roots – Game Theory


Rapper Cadence Weapon had been praising The Roots’ Game Theory album on his blog Razorblade Runner (link in sidebar) long before it was released to the mass public. While I don’t think it is the album of the year (too early to make that call), it may find its way on the year-end top ten list. This is probably The Roots strongest album since Things Fall Apart. While I enjoyed both Phrenology and the weaker (by Roots standards) Tipping Point, those albums were missing that little extra punch that previous works had. The same cannot be said about Game Theory which features a plethora of outstanding tracks (including “Here I Come” and “Long Time”). The strangest thing about Game Theory is that it was released on a major label, Jay-Z’s Def Jam, yet it is the bands most independent sounding album to date. There are no “commercially minded” tracks on the album. Instead the band has produced an album that will remind audiences why The Roots are still one of the most talented, and innovated, bands working today.

Here is a clip of The Roots performing “Here I Come” and “Long Time” on the Early Show back in August.

Random Song 3: Regina Sepktor - Samson (buy)
Random Song 4: Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got(Roc-a-fella records)

Ipod Workout Plan: Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks (Featuring Victoria Bergsman) from the forthcoming Writer’s Block album. I have been looking forward to this Scandinavian group’s album ever since I heard their Amsterdam track a few months back (previously post here).

Random Song 5: Beck - Cellphone Dead (buy)
Random Song 6: My Project Blue - Control Of Me (buy)

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