Monday, July 10, 2006

Video Is The Radio Star (part 2)

Still recovering from a rather busy weekend, so it will be a short post today. Here is the latest installment of Video Is The Radio Star.

Random Song 1: Aimee Mann - 4th of July

The Beastie Boys

Whether you love them or hate them, The Beastie Boys have been a staple in rap music for over 20 years. They are the only hip-hop group to have their video catalogue receive the Criterion treatment. The Beastie Boys spent the majority of last year editing their concert film, entitled Awsome, I Shot That, before premiering it at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film is an innovated approach to the tradition concert film format. The Beastie Boys provided 50 fans, scattered throughout the venue, with digital cameras so that they could document the whole event. This provided the film with an authentic feel that is often lacking from other films in the genre. Still no concert film can be a success without the music. Hence why all to the Boys hit tracks (including Body Moving, Sure Shot, etc...) are featured in the film. Awesome, I Shot That is essentially a movie for the fans made by the fans. After a brief run in theatres, the film hits DVD on July 15th.

In my opinion, "Sabotage" is one of the best videos Spike Jonze has ever made (and he has made many great videos). The song can be found on their Ill Communication album:

And here is "Intergalatic" from the Hello Nasty album:

Random Song 2: Mates of State - Proofs

Peter Gabriel

A video list without reference to 80’s artist like Michael Jackson (who will be featured in a future post) or Peter Gabriel is not a list at all. Similar to Jackson, Peter Gabriel was an artist well ahead of his time when it came to the small screen. Early in his solo career Peter saw the artistic freedom that the relatively new video format offered artist. He crafted many videos that were not only eye-popping for their time, but are still considered relevant many years later. Record companies spend millions of dollars on videos nowadays. Yet Gabriel’s stuff is still more entertaining and creative than most of the videos produced today. This is partly due to the fact that Peter had great songs to back up the images. Songs like Shock The Monkey and In Your Eyes (my personal favorite of his work) still sound great 20 years later.

You cannot talk about Gabriel without a mentioning "Slegdehammer", which can be found on So:

After a six year hiatus, Peter came back with "Steam" found on the Us album:

Just because I absolutely love this song, "In Your Eyes" from So:

Random Song 3: Lady Sovereign - The Broom

Ipod Workout Plan: D'Angelo - Brown Sugar mainly because I had one of those "where are they now?" discussion over the weekend. For the female readers, you can find his more famous video here:

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