Friday, June 30, 2006

Black To The Future

Every once and a while I try to review pervious post to ensure the video links still work. Luckily YouTube currently has thousands of videos on their site. So it is fairly easy to find an alternate, and sometimes better, version of a particular clip (e.g. The Simpsons clip I post a few weeks back). So long story short, if you come across a video on this site that does not work, let me know and I will fix it accordingly.

The 2006 BET Awards aired earlier this week. Despite not being as strong as last year's show, there were still many pleasant surprises in my opinion:

Random song 1: Placebo - This Picture

T.I - King


Judging by the amount of times T.I. incorporates the word "know" into his songs (e.g. "U Don't Know Me", "What You Know", and "You Know Who"), one would assume that education was all T.I. talked about. As I mentioned before, southern rap has never really excited me. Yet I must give T.I. credit for putting on a great performance despite all the technical difficulties. Plus having boxing promoter Don King introduce T.I. (the self-proclaimed King of the South) was a stroke of genius. As for the King album, if I had not won a copy from the folks at EZ1 Production I would have probably skipped it altogether. Yet to be completely honest, the album actually isn't that bad. Decent enough to keep you interested for the most part. Just as long as you can get past the constant affirmations of T.I.'s "king" status.

Need a little colour in your life? Try dating models. Here is "Why You Wanna" from King

Random Song 2: The Diableros - No Weight


When Ne-Yo first came on the scene a earlier this year I quickly dismissed him as another Usher clone (similar to Chris Brown). After seeing his performance on the award show, I am inclined to admit I may have missed judged our Matrix loving friend. The man has actual talent. Unlike Usher, Ne-Yo cares more about lyrics than the dance steps. Not only does he write his own material, but he has also written smashes for many other artists. Ne-Yo may be a new face in the R&B world but he is a face you will be seeing for a longtime. I still stand by my Chris Brown assessment though (enjoy it now Chris, because your 15 minutes are almost up).

Are you "So Sick" of love songs? Well write a song about it. Here is a studio performance of Ne-Yo's debut smash from the In My Own Words album:

Random Song 3: The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself

Keyshia Cole

If Ne-Yo is the future king of R&B, as some would have you believe, would that make Keyshia Cole the future queen? Only time will tell I guess, but having your own reality show does speed up the process. Starting next week, BET will be premiering two new reality shows (the other features rapper DMX) that observe the hardships artists have in their personal lives. The problem is Keyshia Cole has always been rough around the edges. While the "thug" image works for hip hop, it does not have the same effect in R&B. I do not care how "street" you are, success in the R&B genre is purely governed by the music. Cole has a good voice but the ads for the show are not promoting that at all. If Cole expects to have a career similar to Mary J Blige, she really should be trying to promote more performances like the one on the BET awards. Still I guess we will have to wait until the show airs to see the direction it takes.

Here is "Love" from Keyshia's latest album The Way It Is:

IPod Workout Plan: Iggy Pop - Lust For Life. I just realized that it has been ages since I last watched the film Trainspotting:

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  1. Anonymous3:09 am

    so im searching for some t.i. shit, and what do i find? bam, the diableros, from the album i played organ on. jump on these guys, best people ever. amazing songwriters. luv em...

    (but still looking for more t.i!)

    michael k.


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