Sunday, June 18, 2006

"...and the home of the Flav"

After countless shuffling and reshuffling of songs, I finally finished my Summer Burn cd. I was not quite satisfied with the first version I burned; so I scraped a bunch of tracks and made some last minute editions. I am pleased with the revised final product, it will be intersting to see where in the world the cd ends up. Happy Father's Day.

Random Song 1: Lily Allen - LDN

Flava Flav

Season one of The Flava of Love has now ended in Canada; just in time for season two to start airing in the States. Yes, you read correctly, there will be a second season, as romance did not blossom between Flav and Hoopz. Apparently she cut off all ties once she became famous. That's right, she did the show for fame and not love! What were the odds of that happening? Some of you may want to take a minute to let this shocking development process. Since his rap days are long behind him, Flav has reinvented himself into the court jester of reality television. At the age of 47, it is funny to see Flava Flav essentially become everything that Public Enemy was against. Although to be fair Chuck D was the real brains behind that group, Flav was primarily the hype-man. Still you cannot help but reflect on the state of Flav and rap in general when listening to Fight the Power and Give it Up.

Despite being the dubbed "The Greatest Hype-man" in hip-hop, Flav did get a few chance to display his rap skill. Case in point "911 Is A Joke" from Fear of A Black Planet

Random Song 2: Earlimart - The Hidden Track (Live at KEXP)

Busta Rhymes

Longevity is not a word normally associated with hip-hop artists. Most careers seem to end after a few albums; the successful ones usually branch out into other things while they are still hot. It is hard to believe that Busta Rhymes has been making music for 15 years. While he has ventured into acting, he is by no means Will Smith (or Ice Cube for that matter). Hence why Busta has not given up his day job just yet. I fondly remember listening to Leader of the New School's Future Without A Past... album over and over on tape (yes tape). When Busta released his first solo album, The Coming, he proved that he was more than capable of handling the show on his own. Although he has released several solo and collaborative efforts to date, I think Busta was at his best on the When Disaster Strikes album. Having said that, for the first time in a long while I am actually looking forward to his latest offering The Big Bang. Based on the some of the songs I've heard so far, including Can't Hold A Torch and "Touch It"(diplo remix featured), it sounds like Busta has found that creative spark that we haven't heard since the mid-nineties.

Working on finding the "clean version" of the latest single, "I Love My B****", off the Big Bang album. Until here is the classic video for "Woo ha" from The Coming

For those who have a vague memory of 1991, always remember that "I know you, and you know me." Here is "Sobb Story" from The Leaders of the New School's Future Without A Past album:

Random Song 3: The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket (Live at KEXP)

Ipod Workout Plan: Madonna - Get Together from her Confessons on a Dance Floor album:

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