Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Who Are These People? (The Animation Edition)

Finally figured out how to attach songs to the blog, thanks again Keith (be sure to checkout his blog The Sho'nuff). This post was merely to test the mp3 feature. So talk amongst yourselves, I'll give you a topic to start…”dated pop culture references”

Random song 1: Seu Jorge - Life On Mars?

MF Doom

It wasn't until his collaborations with both producers Madlib (Madvilliany) and Danger Mouse (Danger Doom), that MF Doom got my attention. I must say that is quickly climbing my list of favorite rappers. In his trademark silver mask (ala Fantastic Four villain Dr. Doom), MF Doom concocts some truly unique songs. What surprised me the most about him is how extensive his catalogue is. MF Doom has been an underground sensation for quite sometime, yet he is only now starting to reach a wider audience. This is most likely a result of his contribution to Danger Doom, a successful cross-promotional venture with the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Team. The album featured many character from such shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, etc.… The album was so successful that Adult Swim is planning to release a new 9 song Danger Doom disc which will be sold online only later this month. Hopefully my beloved Venture Brothers (underrated cartoon gem) will make the cut on the new album.

This is "All Caps" from the Madvillainy album:

Here is "The Mask" (featuring Wu Tang Clans' Ghostface Killah) off of the Danger Doom album. Considering the nature of the album, it's fitting that this "fan made" video features an Adult Swim Show (The Boondocks):

Random song 2: Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

Chris Mills

What does it say when someone has release a "best of" album and you have never heard of them? Well considering that Hillary Duff released a best of album after only one or two records, I guess I can be forgiving for my oversight. To be honest, normally Chris Mills' style of music isn't really my cup of tea. Yet for some odd reason I absolutely love his song "Chris Mills Is Living The Dream" (click to listen) off of his Wall to Wall Sessions album. Apparently Mills has been around since the early 90's, and has a fairly large and loyal fanbase. After being introduced to him through the Living The Dream track, I am interest to hear what the rest of Wall and his other recordings sound like. Hey, we all have to expand our horizons once and a while.

Random song 3: A Tribe Called Quest - I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

The Fiery Furnaces

After releasing five albums in three years or so, one would think The Fiery Furnaces would be a household name. The thing is, this brother and sister team are a rather acquired taste. You either love them for their quirky songs, or hate them because of their quirky songs. I leave it up to you to decide which side of the argument you are on. Personally I find their "E.P." record is a great album to have playing in the background when you're writing (but that's just me).

Here is "Tropical Iceland" which can be found on both the Gallowsbirds Bark and E.P. albums (hey, I said they were an acquired taste):

The last video will be the "IPod Workout Plan" track of the day. While I have no affiliation with Apple, I have no qualms about getting free stuff from them (you reading this Apple?). Basically I will try to finish each post with whatever random track pops up on the IPod. Considering that almost every genre of music is on there, it may result in some interesting (i.e. embarrassing) selections. As for the "Workout Plan" part, well the only time I ever use MP3 player is when I'm exercising...which is once every now and then (Apple please ignore that last part).

Anyways, the "IPod Workout Plan" track of the day is: Daft Punk's "Digital Love" from the Discovery album:

That's all for the week folks


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