Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Mother's Day Edition

As today is Mother's Day I would like to take a moment to thank all the mothers, grandmothers, those soon to be mothers, and those who have been like a mother to someone. Although we don't always show it your hard work and dedication is much appreciated. So in the spirit of the day I dedicate the following songs to all the mothers out there:

Boyz II Men's "Song for Mama" from the Soul Food soundtrack.

I would also like to send a special thanks to the mothers of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Shakira for producing such mean talented daughters.

Checkout Beyonce's "Check On it" from the Pink Panther film.

I'm glad to see that Barbados' Rihanna will be more than a one hit wonder in the US. After her catchy hit "Pon De Replay" made her an overnight pop sensation, I feared that she would fall into obscurity (Lou Bega where are you now?). Her latest single S.O.S samples the beat from Soft Cell's "Tainted Love", and the result is one ridiculuosly catchy track. It's one of those great workout songs to play at the gym.

Here is Rihanna's "S.O.S" from her new album A Girl Like Me:

While I have never been a Shakira fan, I must admit that her latest single "Hips Don't Lie" from Oral Fixation Vol. 2 is a guilty pleasure of mine:

Happy Mother's Day


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