Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Big Bang

This is the official launch of Big Thoughts From A Small Mind.

A blog where readers will be treated to insightful commentary on current events that are shaping the world. Okay, really it's just a site were I'll be posting songs that I'm currently listening to. There will be nothing deep, or noteworthy, on the site for me to get all pretentious over. Still, who knows what the blog may turn become in the future. It may just be a place to post pictures of Sumo Wrestlers and kittens...only time will tell. Anyways, until I figure out how to post audio files the good people at will be assisting me. If you have never heard of YouTube, it is a great place to find clips for just about anything. It is probably the most addictive site I have come across in the past year. Make sure you check their site out. Enough chatter, on to the good stuff.

Currently listing to:

Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere


Picked this album up last week and it has been in constant rotation. St. Elsewhere is a great mix of soul and 70’s funk with insanely catchy lyrics. This is one of the few albums that you will be hearing a lot about on both urban and indie stations. This collaboration between Cee-Lo (Goodie Mobb) and Danger Mouse (The Gorillaz, Danger Doom) has been hotly anticipated ever since the lead off track “Crazy” was leaked to the Internet a month ago. While "Crazy" is easily the strongest (and best) song of the album. There are plenty of other gems on this album that you will be listening to over and over. Currently there Violent Femme's cover Gone Daddy Gone is my a personal favorite. Overall Gnarls Barkley’s St.Elsewhere is a great album that is definitely worth the purchase.

Here is a live performance of "Gone Daddy Gone" at this year's Coachella Festival (amateur video/audio quality):

And here is the official video for "Crazy" :

Tokyo Police Club - A Lesson in Crime


Clocking in at a mere 17 minutes with only 7 tracks, Tokyo Police Club can truly be blamed for leaving them wanting more. Regardless, this is fantastic EP that shows a lot of promise from this up-and-coming Toronto band. Just listening to "Cheer It On", (click to listen) the lead off track on the album, you cannot help getting excited about this bands potential. The band recently received a slew of rave reviews for their live shows at this year’s North by Northeast festival. I am hoping to catch them soon while I can still see them for relatively cheap. If their debut LP is anything like the EP, I'm sure they will be selling out venues very quickly.

Listen to "Citizens of Tomorrow" and learn more about the band on Tokyo Police Club's myspace page

The Streets - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living


I am the first to admit that The Streets is a rather acquired taste. Mike Skinner's spoken-word style flow rubs many people the wrong way. Frankly I love his music and think he is an entertaining storyteller. Very few artist can make the most mundane aspects of life seem interesting and amusing. I've been a huge fan of The Streets since I downloaded his first album Original Pirate Material shortly after it was released (quite fitting if you think about it). After that I was hooked and have bought every album he has released since. While this release does not top his masterful A Grand Don't Come For Free album, it deserves a lot more praise than it has been given by some critics. I think this is a result of the critics expecting another concept album like A Grand. This album is more of a cross between the previous two efforts. Yet unlike the first two albums, there is no immediate stand out track (e.g. Fit But You Know it, Weak Become Heroes, etc...) that define the album. The Hardest Way is the type of album that really grows on you after several spins. While not as strong as A Grand Don't Come For Free, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living is another solid effort by The Streets.

Check out the lead off single "When You Wasn't Famous":

And as a special bonus "Fit But You Know It" from A Grand Don't Come For Free:



*this site will be updated once a week (I hope)


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  4. I always wondered what Charles Barkley thought about Gnarls Barkley.

    Man, I feel like the guy in the ad that's clicking on page after page until one finally comes up that say, "Congratulations, you've reached the end of the internet. Now go back and start over."

    I made it through all your posts. (I did skip many of the music ones - sorry. I'm sure many movie people skip my hiking posts, though.)

    Thanks for all the great posts. I enjoyed reading them, even the ones I disagreed with.

    Did you do anything to celebrate your five year anniversary on this blog?


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